HUAWEI Band 6: The Newest and Latest 24/7 Companion We Need Now!

The current pandemic has changed the way we live our lives and the way we see things around us. With our faces all covered up with protective gears to keep ourselves - and our loved ones - safe from the virus, we are also asked to social distance while maintaining a sound and healthy mind, body and soul. HUAWEI, with its goal  to make our lives easier through its innovations, has made another stunning everyday gadget that can help us continue practicing a healthy lifestyle and monitor our well-being every single day.

Highlighted by an all-day blood oxygen monitoring, full-view display and two-week battery life, HUAWEI Band 6 takes pride of its latest innovation as it fits well in the current situation we are all in as it continues to aspire individuals to keep living active and healthy at all times.

Exquisite Design, Stylish Colors for Everyone
First thing that you'll notice and get attracted to in this latest wearable from HUAWEI is its simple yet elegant look, which I think was inspired by the first HUAWEI wearable that I love, the HUAWEI Watch Fit. Just a few centimeters smaller from HUAWEI Watch Fit, this HUAWEI Band 6 offers an equally amazing design with its 1.47-inch AMOLED FullView display, providing a classic look on the wrist. Stylish individuals will also fall in love with its elegant color selection, which include Graphite Black, Forest Green and Sakura Pink.

Just like my other HUAWEI wearable, this HUAWEi Band 6 provides a pretty fit on my wrist. The UV-treated silicone with its skin-friendly and super light appeal made watch-wearing comfortable even in this undesirable hot weather that we have. The graphite black color goes pretty well with the color of the bezel of the watch, which helps give that large view experience. Speaking of large view, this watch's AMOLED display is scratch-proof that leaves you worriless even on your most active moments.

Health and Wellness Companion 24/7
Speaking of activities, HUAWEi Band 6, with its current retail price of PHP2,599, this is probably the best thing that you buy for that price given that you can maximize its usage from day in til day out - whether you are sleeping or awake doing all the possible things that you could do in life.

Wear HUAWEI Band 6 while sleeping, because why not? With its TruSleep 2.0 Sleep Tracking capability, you can easily monitor your sleeping habits whether it's a light sleep, deep sleep, napping or even in the state of REM. HUAWEI takes pride of its 96.3% accuracy, which provides not only the length of one's sleep but also the quality of sleep. I've been amazed by this feature in my HUAWEI Watch Fit and since I've been used to monitoring my sleep pattern, having this innovation in this HUAWEI Band 6 is certainly a great way to monitor our well-being even at rest.

Waking up to an exciting morning? HUAWEI Band 6 lets you monitor your heart rate with its TruSeen 4.0 Heart-Rate Monitoring mechanism as well keep you notified with your blood oxygen level through its All-Day SpO2 monitor mechanism. With these coming handy, one can easily measure the intensity of one's activity as well as to know how well our lungs are working and the acid-base balance in our blood. Blood Oxygen level is also said to be very important to monitor if one is infected by the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

An active day will never fall short with HUAWEI Band 6's 96 workout modes that has been made scientifically through the guidance of TruSport algorithm. Colling down or relaxing time is also made easy to monitor with the watch's TruRelax  Stress Monitoring capability. In case stress is too much, the built-in breath training guide will aid you to go back to your relaxed and focused state of mind and body.

If those are not enough, for women, HUAWEi Band 6 is also equipped with Menstrual Cycle Tracker that provides discreet and timely reminders of your period.

Powerful Personal Assistant 
With all these factors all incorporate in this latest innovation, HUAWEI is certainly giving us more value than what we've paid for, right? Now, HUAWEI bands are slowly turning into our personal assistant as well with such style and design that fits our personality and requirements. From getting notification for its health-related applications to incoming calls and messages, weather updates, to entertainment such as music and camera controls, truly this latest wearable is a must-have and must cherishes for all it powers and capabilities.

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