UFC Celebrates 50th Year with “50 Acts of Kindness”

In honor of its 50th anniversary as a leader in the local food industry, UFC decided to give back to the Filipinos that have helped it reached such a momentous milestone. For the past five decades, UFC has been a part of every Filipino’s life by providing flavor and happiness through its wide array of condiments. Now, they choose to directly uplift the lives of Filipino families with their 50 Acts of Kindness campaign. 

Beneficiaries received goods and a newly made sign to start up a sari-sari store

To jump-start the campaign, UFC tapped several celebrity endorsers that supported them through the years to help select families that were adversely affected by the pandemic. Among them was legendary Filipino comedy actress Ai-ai delas Alas who nominated several beneficiaries.  

Fifty-year-old Ronald Sto. Domingo was one of them. Ronald worked as a choreographer before the pandemic struck and froze the projects that gave him a steady stream of income. This compelled him to find another way to support himself and his aging father. Ronald turned to cooking and selling food online to make ends meet. 

Ronald Sto. Domingo received a brand new laptop 
as part of his Sama-samang Sarap ng Pamilya package

Despite his difficulties, however, Ronald’s innate kindness and generosity remained. As he worked hard to provide for his family, he also reached out to people who needed support as well.

“Dahil sa aking pagluluto, nakapagbenta ako ng food. Since may pandemic, binigay ko po yung kinikita ko sa mga frontliners,” said Ronald. “Kahit hindi ko po sila kilala, matulungan ko lang po sila, masaya na po ako nun."  

Last December 13 and 14, Ronald and six other families received a Sama-samang Sarap ng Pamilya bundle from UFC. This came with a sari-sari store package that includes a signage as well as various NutriAsia products and grocery items; a bicycle with a basket for groceries; and a laptop with pocket Wi-Fi. These gifts are meant to provide them with the means to sustain their families in the new year.

Another beneficiary nominated by Aiai delas Alas was Michelle Morte, a 40-year-old mother of three. Formerly a salon worker, Michelle now stays at home with her children and her husband who is unable to work after suffering a stroke. Over the past few months, Michelle has gotten by through selling ice, soap, and sundry items to help support her family. 

After losing her job as a salon worker, Michelle Morte 
supports her three children by selling ice, soap, and sundry items

Through it all, Michelle remained hopeful and undaunted. Her family was a constant reminder that there are things to be grateful for even in the worst of times. 

“Naging inspirasyon ko ang pamilya ko,” said Michelle. “At least kahit hirap, masaya pa rin kami. Magkakasama pa rin kami kahit may pinagdadaanang crisis.” 

Ai-ai delas Alas also nominated Juanita M. Caponga, a 76-year-old widow who helps support her daughter’s family, and Calvin T. Zabale, a single father of two who lost his job as a waiter and now works as a deliveryman. 

Ai-ai was not the only celebrity who got into the spirit of giving back. The remarkably talented Guerrero siblings also nominated multiple beneficiaries to receive a Sama-samang Sarap ng Pamilya package this Christmas.

Several families were chosen by celebrity endorsers 
to receive Sama-samang Sarap ng Pamilya bundles

Among them was Ilene G. Labador, a 24-year-old housewife who’s been struggling to sustain their family’s needs ever since her husband lost his job as a construction worker. 
Another was Reynaldo Jose, a 53-year-old contractor struggling to support his family after the pandemic took away most of his construction projects. 

Iconic OPM rapper Gloc-9 also joined UFC’s 50 Acts of Kindness campaign by nominating Carlito Bolima, a 48-year-old tricycle driver who toils from 4 a.m. to midnight every day to feed his wife and three children. 

UFC's 50 Acts of Kindness campaign sought to give back 
to families that lost their livelihood this past year

Ilene, Reynaldo, and Carlito are extremely grateful to UFC, especially for the sari-sari store package that will give them and their families the means to sustain themselves moving forward.

Indeed, these Sama-samang Sarap ng Pamilya bundles act as a reminder of the powerful love these beneficiaries have for their families. It’s a love that continues to drive them forward even in the most trying of times. UFC takes great inspiration from their resilient drive and celebrates them this holiday season as models of the unbreakable Filipino spirit.

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