Crayfish Party 2019: The Best of My September

September or should I say Septem-blur may be over but the fun experience that I had in my very first Crayfish Party in Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila was definitely one of the best events that I been to last month! Moreover, it is definitely one of the amazing and filling Viking Festival experiences I’ve had so far!

Together with some friends, we arrived at the venue at around 7 in the evening. The rain started pouring in, but upon entering the Harbor Garden Tent, which is the official event venue of the celebration, the place was filled with warm smile, oozing Nordic delicacies and awesome decorations that made the whole festivity so exciting. I never expected it to be this huge, and man, the whole place was packed with so much interesting stuff and people that made me feel that I am in for a great treat.

Crayfish Party is held once a year through the partnership of Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila, NordCham Philippines and Philippines Norway Business Council.

The program started with some speeches from the Viking leaders of the involved party organizers. As soon as everyone got settled in, the main attraction of the night – the Nordic’s Crayfish and Pinoys’ Lechon – were paraded in the whole venue teasing everyone with its vibrant, tasty looking skins.

It was like a real Nordic feast, really, but with a touch of that unique Pinoy accommodation, that me realized how awesome this celebration is.

We didn’t wait that long to feast on the amazing Nordic spread and chug lots of beer, which were served unlimited. Aside from the Crayfish and Lechon, the sumptuous Nordic spread includes home-made gravadlax with honey dill mustard sauce, herring and potatoes, Swedish meatballs with gravy and lingonberry jam, sausages, surkål, cod and salmon fillets, and sailor’s stew. Different cheese overflow that night as well, making our tabled so filled with so many amazing flavors and colors.


As soon as everyone feel the spirit of the drinks that we had, raffles prizes and auction for some astonishing pieces were made. Money raised from this auction will be donated to Chosen Children Village (CCV), a foundation dedicated towards providing a home environment and care facility for physically and mentally-challenged children – so, yeah, this is ain’t just some luxurious party, but rather a party for a cause as well.

After the shrill and excitement, my favorite ABBA’s music filled the party venue through the wonderful renditions of the SILK Band. I was very surprised to see this band, because one of the vocalists a favorite friend singer of mine! Great job, girls! So amazing!

Here’s a quick glimpse of this amazing Crayfish Party that everyone should experience next times!

Thank you and congratulation for the most awesome party, Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila, NordCham Philippines and Philippines Norway Business Council. See you again next years!

Crayfish Party 2019 is presented in cooperation with the official car partner, Volvo, and official airline partner, Turkish Airlines.

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