#CommandBeauty: Kojie.san Launches New Campaign for New Products

One of the country’s top selling and award-winning beauty soap, Kojie.san aims to empower women to be braver and bolder. Through its latest campaign “Command Beauty,” which was launched recently at the Marriott Grand Ballroom in Pasay City, women as well as gents, took a stand by encouraging everyone to stop allowing others to set the standard of beauty.

To encourage women to break free of the mold – own their bodies, their faces, and their skin, Kojie.san take a leap through “Command Beauty” campaign, encouraging women to embrace their beauty and take a little extra to maintain it.

“Beauty isn’t just stripping down to the natural, it’s also going a little extra. It isn’t just being subtle, it’s also going all  out and loud. Loving all kinds of beauty means loving all kinds of beauty no matter how bold it gets,” said Jann Kelce Chua, Kojie.san Senior Brand Manager. 

During the launch night, where everyone was treated to an extra luxurious and pumping presentations and performances, Beauty Elements Ventures Inc. (BEVI), the company that owns Kojie.san, presented their latest beauty innovations to cater to much wider market.

Something New from BEVI
In line with the latest campaign of Kojie. San, BEVi also launched  new products to cater to the growing clamor of the market. First on the list if the Defensil isopropyl alcohol products, which are designed to defend against germs. These products are carefully formulated to be gentle on the hands, yet effective against viruses and bacteria, making them perfect for use at home, the workplace, and even on the daily commute.

Next on the list is the Life of Kojie.san, which is part of their wellness category. This section covers the cosmeceutical of lifestyle oriented food supplements such as he Glutathione Anti-Oxidant Drink. Each bottle of this product is infused with fermented pomegranate, Acai Berry extract, and vitamins that are both highly effective and convenient as it comes in ready-to-drink format.

The last but not the least was the Breedwinner branch, which will be BEVI’s introduction into the pet care industry. Due to the growing consciousness of pet lovers in the country when it comes to their pet grooming products, BEVI introduces Top2Tail 2-in-1 Shampoo and Condition, which is made to be an effective and gentle product for pet and pet owners.

“Kojie.san has always been a game-changer in the beauty business. We urge women to take control of their beauty decisions with our latest campaign “Command Beauty” and our latest products that will hit the market very soon. Let no one shame them for these decisions. We want them to tell their stories to inspire other to be loud and proud,” Chua concluded.

As a 100% Filipino company, BEVI hopes that soon they can help lead the charge to take command on the global stage.

Congratulations, BEVI!

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