My New Favorite Facial Treatments from Diana Stalder

I love it when people mistakenly think that I'm just around 20-plus years old. With my my lower back-aching from time to time and receding hairline that I can't do much about, I think it's somehow funny that I still look young at my age. Well, I guess, given that whenever I have a time, I make sure that I pay a visit to a dermatologist for some skin-care treatments.

Last weekend, despite of the horrendous traffic along EDSA, I bravely visited Diana Stalder Face, Body, and Skincare Center branch, which is located on the 5th Level, Building A of SM Megamall. A friend recommended this place to me given its affordable and effective treatments, which is actually what I need before my much-awaited vacation this year.

Diana Stalder has been in the beauty business since in its inception in 1996. Diana Stalder Face, Body, and Skincare Center has consistently made every skin it cared and treated, always better. A product of the beautiful Dina Dela Paz Stalder, who is currently the President & CEO of the the company, Diana Stalder Face, Body, and Skincare Center is a division of Stalder Group of Companies, which offers a combination of excellent formulation and treatments that cater to the general or customized needs of skincare clientele.

For my initial visit, I tried two of their mos in-demand Basic Care treatments, the Facial Deluxe and the Casmara Facial Mask.

Upon conforming my appointment that day, the staff assisted me to my room where the two services I requested will take time. Kindly note that the Facial Deluxe takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour, while the Casmara Facial Mask is around 15 to 20 minutes. So, most likely, you'll be spending a good two hours in their clinic.

Unlike any other clinic that I've tried, here in Diana Stalder, they'll do a skin-moisture test first, before doing any substantial treatments. I was surprised and glad to know that they do such test first before doing any treatment in the most important skin in our being - the facial skin.

Gladly, my skin's moisture test was balance, that even the assisting therapist was so delighted to share. She shared to me that keeping our skin moisturized is very important most specially in a humid country like ours. This test is just around 5 to 10 minutes, so don't worry to get cozy in their clinic.

Right after that test, my Facial Deluxe treatment took place. 

Did you know that here in Diana Stalder, they have 15 steps for this facial treatment - mostly painless, so nothing worry. And as much as I want to share more about this treatment, given the soft and gentle hand of the attending therapist that day, who's name is Vheck, I fell into slumber. Haha.

All I can remember is that Diana Stalder's signature facial cleans, tones, firms and nourishes my face, promoting a clear, well-hydrated complexion for a healthier, radiant and younger-looking skin. Oh, di ba? Pak!

Anyway, I didn't get time to sit up after the facial, because right after it, Therapist Vheck prepared the ingredients for my Casmara Mask.

This is my first time to try this facial mask, and though I'm a huge facial mask fan, especially of those products from Korea, this Casmara Facial Mask is quite different. Different in terms of texture, feel, and effect on the skin. A MUST-TRY here in Diana Stalder!

This Casmara Facial Mask contains algae and sea weeds + other botanical extracts specific to the needs of the facial skin. These extracts are safe for long-term use and devoid of adverse reactions. Those bits that you see are honey oats that provides Vitamins A, B and E, which helps soothes the skin.

Selfie after the Treatments

I wont'deny the fact that this is the best feeling that my face had for the past months. These two treatments that I've had here at Diana Stalder, SM Megamall are just two of their best treatments that anyone could enjoy here - and I vouch that you would love these two as much as I do.

If you are thinking that these two treatments might empty you pockets - YOU ARE VERY WRONG! These two treatments that I had cost me a little less than Php2,000! YES, I swear! I can't believe that too!

Diana Stalder has three branches as of now - one is SM Megamall, another one in Gateway Mall and one more in SM City Calamba. You can check our Diana Stalder's website for more info or you can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

DS Cafe offers healthy after treatment snacks as well

Thank you, Diana Stalder! I can't wait for my next treatment! Now, I don't care about the traffic in EDSA anymore! Hahaha!

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