1950 Restaurant: An Exquisite Time Travel Through Casual Dining

"There's nothing more inspiring for me than a well plated meal that tells not just about the talent of the one who made it but the history behind the texture, colors and flavors incorporated in each plate that I savor."

In a not so ordinary Friday night, I traveled for an hour and a half, through public transport, to the quite and mystic vicinity of New Manila, Quezon City. An area known for its enormous mansions that were once filled by well-known local celebrities and studios that set the regal of our entertainment industry.

Quezon City is, and I think, will always be a city worth exploring for me. Aside from its rich and colorful historic background, the city never fails to offer something new without taking for granted the memory of the past. No wonder Chef Robby Goco and Chef Chester Velas has chosen this area for them to share their talent and expertise and come up with this newest and must-visit restaurant in the metro - The 1950 Restaurant.

Housed in a two-story American Contemporary house, which was built in 1950, The 1950 Restaurant was home to the Santaromana Family and host to the many joyous occasions that brought together family and friends who lovingly referred to it as 14 Castilla or the "Big House."

From housing memorable family occasions to serving exquisite dishes that are set to take you back in time, Chef Robby and Chef Chester made sure that each dining experience worth remembering and coming back again and again.

A Quick Time Travel
When was the last time you see tocador or a classic television set that comes with its own sliding door or an old piano, which won't scare you but rather invite you to play some classic pieces? The 1950 Restaurant made sure to keep the "simplistic" elegance of the Big House of 14 Castilla. From its simple entrance gate, which is a welcome-home gesture to the warm and cozy interior, The 1950 Restaurant will give you a glimpse of the beautiful past this area once hold.

The first level is consist of a one large dining area and two small dining corners, perfect for small and large groups of family and friends. Built with large windows that lets in natural light from the garden, one or two can also opt to sit by the bar where craft beers and delicious cocktail are served.

On the second level, one may take the wooden stairs to go up where more dining tables are settled strategically. Do not get intimidated by the beautifully wooden-carved ceiling as this add some more grandeur to this beautiful home. For some private dining, The 1950 Restaurant set one room, which can sit six to eight people around a circular table and a grander chandelier. The neutral colored wall paper adds accent to earth-colored appeal of the second level, while keep it homey feel.

I personally like the fact that this place will remind of our ancestral house where our loving grandparents live. I was told that more than just restoration, the team behind The 1950 Restaurant made sure to put back the original look of the Big House, and through enough, it feels like home.

The Remarkable Dining Experience
The inception of this themed restaurant was made possible through the amazing partnership of Chef Robby and Chef Chester - who both shared expertise in setting wonderful dishes for the hotel chain of Hotel Rembrandt. I've met Chef Chester a few years back, so I quite have an idea on how well-thought and well-plated dishes for this dining experience would come about.

For starter, our table was filled with Lobster Bisque (soup), Caesar Salad (salad) and two appetizers - Roasted Bone Marrow and Buttermilk Fried Chicken Bites.

A sumptuous combination of flavors that gave our palettes a stimulating start and exciting feeling.

Our mains were consisted of  Angus Prime Burnt Ends, Roasted Duck Breast, Adodo Classics and a cup of rice and quinoa.

An art on its own - the three mains were comforting and ethereal at the same time. The flavorful Angus sitting on a bed of quinoa is nothing short to the well-platted, Roasted Duck and not as comforting as to the Classic Adobo, which is composed of Black Adobo (with soy sauce), White Adobo (with coconut milk), Yellow Adobo (with turmeric) and Egg Adobo). I'll be biased if I say that I get to enjoy the one over the other, but each dish is unique on its own sharing classical, comforting flavor and style that match to the ambiance of the restaurant.

Capping off these wonderful and remarkable experience was a Bavarian Cake and White Chocolate Blondie. If you opt to drink, don't miss their Mojito or better yet, The Red Carpet Drink - a must try, I'd say.

The 1950 Restaurant understands the charm and comfort of home-cooked meals when the hustle and bustle of city living becomes too much. At 1950, home-cooked dishes take on a whole new level as they have been carefully chosen by the two celebrated chefs who source pristine ingredients to deliver superbly conceived  dishes offering  modern  interpretations of classics.

To know more or for table reservations you can visit The 1950 Restaurant on Facebook and Instagram.

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