Guilty as Charged!: Food and Confessions

Lately, we’ve been seeing lots and lots of families dining together - in restaurants, food joints and other dining establishments - spending time together along with spending much more money and energy to brave the traffic and even cue just to dine in the latest and hippest restaurant in town. With all of these things happening too fast, have you ever think what if we go back to that old tradition and spend much more wonderful and stressful dining experience at home?

Last weekend, while waiting to be served, as my family and I dine in this Korean restaurant, I stumbled upon this video on Youtube where a son and his dad spend time dining together at home while sharing home-cooked meals and point of views on different aspects of life.

Marcelo Santos III, a writer and Youtuber, who was known for his works such as  “For the Hopeless Romantic” (2015), and “Para sa Broken Hearted” (2018), has been making waves online through his literary works that’s been relatable to the younger generation.

Since my parents past away, I don’t consider dining outside as a pleasure anymore but more of a necessity. For one, my siblings and I’s schedule are loaded – especially me, juggling work and some other extracurricular activities. Whenever we have time at home, we just spend it in our own rooms, savoring the stillness and quietness of the day – “Netflix and Chill” as they say. But guilty as we are, we all know that we’ve been missing the most enjoyable part of our lives – something that our parents would love to see us do altogether.

This Mealtime Confession is an eye-opening segment, which I hope reaches more Filipino families who are spending much more time outside and forgetting the values and treasure that we could all cherish while dining in the comfort of our homes. Moreover, because the Youtube video made me feel guilty and hungry, I cooked some fried chicken yesterday. As what Marcelo, Jr. (the Dad) said in the video, Fried Chicken is one of the simplest and tastiest dish one could prepare for our family. Thankfully, Crispy Fry Breading Mix comes in different flavors that everyone could enjoy. 

As the time goes by faster and faster – may we not forget the most valuable people in our lives while savoring our favorite home-cooked meals, and may we have more time spending precious moments with all our loved ones.

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