Healthier Relationship with Minola Premium Coconut Cooking Oil

The season of eating is about to unfold. With parties, reunions and celebrations left and right - how are you preparing your diet, or should I say you health, for this forthcoming Yuletide Cheers? Minola Premium Coconut Cooking Oil promotes healthier relationship with the right diet and active lifestyle.

Minola Premium Coconut Cooking Oil, a trusted and nutritionist-friendly cooking oil, held for the third time its “Ketogenic Diet and Coconut Oil” seminar in Quezon City. Invited guests and local Ketogenic Diet practitioners were able to get more in-depth studies and information from the forum’s guest speakers, Dr. Fabian Dayrit and Dr. Regina Marie Banda.

In his presentation, Dr. Dayrit discussed the history and benefits of doing Ketogenic Diet and how the medical society sees this form of Keto-increasing practice and how it may help individuals achieve a healthier life.

Dr. Fabian Dayrit

Dr. Dayrit also shared how Ketogenic Diet aid Alzheimer’s patient in controlling their condition and live a stronger and healthier life. Through proper practice of Keto Diet and right use of ingredients in cooking or preparing our meals, such as Minola Premium Coconut Cooking Oil, one can achieve a healthier and even longer life.

Following Dr. Dayrit, Ms. Virna Veloso, a nurse by profession, talked about her struggle in losing wait and reaching her “ideal weight.” With Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) since 15 years old, she’s happy to share that no matter how hard it was, she managed to practice the low-carb diet and even conceived a baby due to a new healthier life. She is 20 weeks pregnant now, and she encouraged invited guests to practice Ketogenic Diet and to be dedicated to it, because as she mentioned “If you want it, you can really do it.” To date, Virna lose 110 lbs., which she considered as one of the best achievements and decision she made on life.

Ms. Virna Veloso

Meanwhile, another Ketogenic Diet practitioner, Ms. Desa Apostol, who is admittedly “chubby” since she was a kid, shared how she drastically shred off the sugar-base snacks and pastries she loves to enjoy before. This is all due to the fact how she would want to share more sweet moment with her baby boy. Aside from removing sugary dishes, Ms. Desa was also proud to tell how they incorporated healthy ingredients in the way they prepare their meals, as such is Minola Premium Coconut Cooking Oil.

Ms. Desa Apostol

Dr. Banda, on the other hand, shared the breakdown of the food that we ingest to properly determine the components of each ingredient and identify the high source of sugar that may hinder one’s Ketogenic Diet.

Dr. Regina Marie Banda

Through her presentation entitled “Mind Your Macros”, Dr. Banda enlightened the forum’s guests with the kind of macronutrients such as fats, proteins and carbohydrates that we intake from various ingredients that we include in our meals and generate energy, which we need to function.

Dr. Banda also busted some diet myth that some of us are also guilty, including facts about fats, insulin and carbohydrates. From this, she also elaborated the sources of energy, which properly categorizes the differences between standard diet, the start of Ketogenic Diet and once a person adapted Ketogenic Diet.

Dr. Banda highly suggested to practice Well-formulated Ketogenic Diet to maximize and to properly achieve the Ketosis stage of our body, which we mainly target in Ketogenic Diet.

The Minola Premium Coconut Cooking Oil Ketogenic Forum aims to promote proper Ketogenic Diet among people who aims to have a heathier relations and life.

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