Do More with Shopee!

Aside from shopping tons of affordable items, Shopee opens a new window for young entrepreneurs who has interest in selling various items through their platform. Now, that Shopee leads the e-commerce platform in the country, and considered as one of the largest in Southeast Asia and in Taiwan, opening your own Shopee store could be the key to a brighter future.

By providing a platform that connects buyers and sellers in one community, you can easily get as much needed exposure spanning from different target markets – and Shopee made it super easy for everyone while providing safe, secure and efficient transactions.

For those who want to do more with Shopee, first, you must visit the Shopee Seller Center through this link: From here, you can sign up or use your existing Shopee account information. Shopee Seller Center shares easy-to-follow details in opening an online business, which could be your gateway to success.

Shopee believes in the transformative power of technology, so aside from accessing this on your desktop or laptop computers, you can also open this too through your mobile phones, which has become the new norm. The Company targets to continuously enhance its platform to deliver a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience for all users.

Currently, there are seven sections that will help you manage your business and keep it secure and safe all the time. There’s the My Products, where you could upload all the items that you are selling; My Shop Categories, which will help you get the right exposure for your products; My Sales, an organizer to keep track on your sales and income; Marketing Center; which is a new segment on Shopee Seller Center that provides helpful way to promote your online shop. Meanwhile, My Income and My Wallet are two password-protected sections that keep your financial reports private and secure; and lastly, the Shop Setting that lets sellers modified its shops and learn more about its visitor and buyers.

I do have some friends who already opened their shops and all I get are positive feedbacks about it. One of their favorites about Shopee is how convenient it is both for shoppers and sellers – and how Cash-On-Delivery (COD) adds additional factor for the platform to gather more shoppers. Since Shopee offers the most convenient practices for e-commerce, it also lets sellers share their products easily on social media platforms such as on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Aside from that, sellers can also build up their online reputation by gathering positive ratings and reviews from their buyers.

Probably the best part about Shopee – it is COMPLETELY FREE – meaning no commissions or download fees will be collected from sellers! And unlike other platforms, which only provide promotions to its shoppers, Shopee offers a variety of promotions and bonuses to its sellers including reimbursed shipping fees.

So yes, selling can’t get any easier on Shopee! If you wanna know more about Shoppe, you visit their main website at You can also follow then on Facebook (, and on Instagram (

Good luck and congratulations to all future entrepreneurs!

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