9 Exclusive Anime Shows You Can Watch at Bilibili Now!

Bilibili, the largest anime, comics and games (ACG) video community in Southeast Asia with an ever-expanding content library is set to release more than 35 anime videos this July, including the much-anticipated story of “Momomga” from Overlord 4 and the Satan from The Devil is a Part-Timer! Season 2. Together with this is an extensive list of new anime content streaming exclusively on the Bilibili platform for both free and premium subscribers to enjoy this month!

Following the phenomenal success of the first 12 episodes of “SPY x FAMILY” with the mischievous Anya and the thrilling missions of the Forger family, Bilibili is launching even more exciting new anime titles, new installment of top-rated anime and remakes of some legendary anime.

Overlord 4 with the skeletal Momomga demon returns after 4 years! The master of the dark guild and protector of Sarik cemetery in Yggdrasil that forgot to logout transpires the thrilling adventure with the NPC that acts as his guardians. Explore the gaming world and the new map releases! Despite series of obstacles, the overlord is still one of the toughest character. To fans’ relief after the heavy debate that the anime would be cancelled, the 4th installment is officially back with adrenaline rush actions.

The Satan is back in The Devil is a Part-Timer! Season 2, a fantasy anime where the great demon becomes a part-time staff at a burger joint after losing at battle with the otherworldly character, Amelia Justina. As he braves through the struggling Japanese economy, Amelia is close by in hot pursuit disguising as a call center girl. The 2 characters collide in the season installment, with many fun and plot twists to keep fans on the edge of their seats. Would they enjoy working in normal offices too much that they forget their world domination plan? A long pause of 9 years may have dampened fans’ hope for the show to return, but it’s back, with the meticulous production by Studio 3Hz of the Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online fame.

Fantasy anime fans  will get to enjoy their favorite shows in 4K definition!

Exclusive Anime on Bilibili!
This month, Bilibili is also releasing 9 anime shows that are exclusive to the platform. Not to be missed is the reboot of the legendary TOKYO MEW MEW NEW –an anime with superpower girls with dessert codenames and cute transformation moves that wowed anime fans from 20 years back.

Other titles completing the list covers fantasy, romantic comedy to sports genre which includes:
What's more? Bilibili has more than 800 titles of anime, 9,600 episodes, and 230,400 minutes available to stream.These new releases are available only on Bilibili. Download Bilbili on Google Play or App Store, or watch on the website here: bilibili.tv.

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