The Mighty and Meaty Gen Korean BBQ House

SM Mall of Asia By The Bay has been a go-to destination when it comes buffet dining. Whether you are a local guest or international tourist, you could find affordable and enjoyable buffet dining from one end of the shore to another with a bonus of the stunning view of Manila Bay

And just recently, joining the amazing line-up of these buffet restaurants is the Gen Korean BBQ House that offers mouthwatering and juicy Korean dishes that meat lovers could enjoy.

Filled with cozy neon lights, funky beat, state-of-the-art dining facility and inviting aroma of meaty Korean delights, Gen Korean BBQ House is a carnivore heaven offering about 28 USA Premium meat and seafood prepared the Korean way on lunchtime and 35 kinds during dinner.

Choose from their wide variety of luscious beef, chicken and pork meat prepared the Korean way such as Bulgogi, Chadol, Samgyubsal, Chicken Garlic, and Premium Steak. Seafood lovers and those who are up for some more exciting dishes can also enjoy their Daechang (large ox intestine), Gobchang (small ox intestine), Calamari, Shrimp, Dwenjang Soup (fermented soy bean paste soup), Soondooboo Soup (spicy soft tofu soup), and Jap Chae.

Gen Korean BBQ House offers dining treats too such as the Bottomless Drinks for only Php108.00 and Bottomless House wine for only Php298.00.

As for my favorites, since we were there at dinner time, I super, duper loved their Gen Premium Steak, Hangjungsal, Hawaiian Steak, Beef Bulgogi, Hawaiian Bacon, Garlic Samgyubsal, Sweet and Spicy Chicken Popcorn, Soondooboo Soup and Jap Chae. For the drinks, you must try their Yakult Soju!!! Oh, god, that was so good!

Just a tip for everyone who’s coming here, you can actually ask your servers to assist you in cooking so that you’ll get the best quality of food all the time. They are all so nice and familiar with all of the dishes that they have. Some even have some tricks that you can enjoy watching while waiting for your food to be cooked.

For more details or table reservation, you can contact them at (02) 5412767 or at (0917) 6218249. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Happy eating!

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