Summer, the Home Improvement Season!

March - this is the month, where most of the kids bid farewell from their school and say hello to an exciting summer season. This is also the month for some people to take some leisure vacation and just enjoy the sun, sand and sea. But to those who think of the future, March is the month for preparation for the upcoming rainy season. 

Summer may be exciting to experience, but with worries that you have for your comfort zone, this season also calls for a worthwhile home improvement that will keep you safe and sound for the forthcoming season change.

Last weekend, at the World Trade Center Manila, I witnessed such an amazing display of home utilities and designs that didn't just excite me but also made me realize some learning to keep in mind. From roofing to piping, the WorldBEX 2015 was truly a showcase of ingenuity of people to make our lives better and more meaningful.

One of the highlights of this year's WorldBEX is the sustainable solution to house construction and improvement. There were a huge number of materials that made me realize that we don't have to sacrifice the health of our planet just to achieve the look and convenience we are longing to have for our homes.

One brand that stood out and made a lasting impression to me is the country's pioneer and market leader in PVC Piping system, the Neltex.

Neltex at WorldBEX

With the brand's 50 years of expertise in providing the top-of-the-kind piping systems, through its leader, Mr. Sy Yong Phao, no wonder it is held as the Plastic Piping Industry's leader in innovation and standard.

The Latest Innovation

This year, Neltex brings a unique set of expertise though its latest innovation, the Neltex PP-R piping system. Neltex PP-R carries the same quality of their PVC Pipes and Fittings that have been recognized and adopted in the whole country. 

Currently the first choice of top construction industries in the country, Neltex PVC Pipes and Fittings comes in a wide array of selection fir for your construction needs. There's the Neltex Sewerguard with Sewerlock that provides solution for soil stack and assuring at least 50 years service life without any risk of corrosion; the Neltex Waterline System that offers a dependable and practical piping system for 6-storeys and down; the Neltex Powerguard F Series that gives an optimum wiring protection for you home electric supplies; and recently the Neltex PP-R that provides the best value PP-R in-house potable water piping system.

At the WorldBEX, guests were treated to an informative tour around the glass house they put up to showcase the underlining and unnoticed importance of trusted and dependable piping brand.

Neltex Brand Officer, Miss Gladys Joy Avila shared to us the it was Neltex who introduced the color-coded uPVC piping system and its consequent adoption by the National Product Standards. It was also Neltex who introduced the Powerluck, which is a unique machine fixed seal for pressure pipes for a leak-free installations. Neltex went beyond in 2009 when it introduces to the market its Electrical Line System, which consists of high-grade plastic electrical boxes, Thermoform Sewer fittings, Powerguard and Sewerguard Thinwall. After a year, Neltex introduced its valves and faucets, Besser tile adhesives, Butaseal and Besser Abrasive paper and then following is its Neltex PP-R pipes and fittings for a complete function and use.

Working with the Planet

For the past 50 years, Neltex isn't just working for the construction need and home improvement of the people, the brand also takes pride in innovating high-quality products while being planet-friendly. One of these is the HMF Certification that they boast at the 2015 WorldBEX.

From the creation of the brand's Pressure Main Pipe in 1991, which is currently recognized with Gold Standard, Neltex is also proud to share that its pressureline is the only LEAD-FREE main pipe in the Philippines.

Heavy Metal-Free Certified Pipes

"We have separated our mixing line to ensure zero contamination of lead in our pressureline. As a company that works with people for the people, it is in our utmost concern the health and welfare of our employees and our customers that's why we keep on innovation piping materials suit to the need and demand of our client,"  Avila added.

Right now, Neltex is distributed in the major parts of the country, serving as the main choice for construction materials. With its plant in the Visayan region, Neltex is hoping to share its sustainable solution not only in building construction industry, but also in home construction and improvement.

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