Earth Hour at The Linden Suites

While most of the people who are celebrating the world-famous Earth Hour are outside their homes, may be lighting a candle along the sidewalks or dancing in some parks while wearing glow in the dark shirts or necklaces, yours truly was safely and soundly enjoying the unusual silence of Ortigas Central Business District, mainly inside the newly renovated The Linden Suites.

Last Saturday, after months of not having a "Me Time", I had the chance to finally enjoy some quite and alone moment for my self at the comfort of The Linden Suites, along San Miguel Avenue, Pasig City. A day full of relaxation and some stomach-filling moment, my Saturday was basically in accordance to the Earth Hour celebration that half of the world will be celebrating that night. 

This is my first time to lock myself away from the normal Earth Hour crowd, so at some point, I find it interesting and exciting.

The Linden Suite doesn't have any big event in relation to the Earth Hour, but it is just so nice to know that for a tourism facility like this, everyone would do their own share to contribute goodness to our own planet.

This year, from icy Antarctica to the International Space Station, WWF's Earth Hour swept around the globe on Saturday 28 March 2015 (8:30 p.m. local time). Millions of Earth Hour supporters worldwide joined forces to highlight the need for climate action. 172 countries and territories have joined this worldwide event; more than 1400 iconic landmarks have switched off their lights to show support to this endeavor; 41,910 Earth Hour Celebrations were created on Earth Hour digital map; 66 Countries that have gone beyond the lights out event; 47 Finalist cities in the Earth Hour City Challenge have joined; more than 378 Million Twitter posts were reach in the week leading up to Earth Hour; more than 36.5 Million viewed the videos of Earth Hour and its partners); and more than 5.9 Million Facebook reach in the week leading up to Earth Hour.


Here at The Linden Suites, unnecessary lights were switched off for an hour to give way to this planet-caring event. From their rooms, to their hallways, restaurant Mesclun, and down to their lobby and facade, most lights were switched off, with guests wholeheartedly abide by the hotel's participation to the Earth Hour 2015.

"In our own little way, we can show to everyone that we can make a change - and this change is not just for us but also for our future," The Linden Suites' General Manager Mr. Dominic Dorol shared.

Congratulations to everyone! You made this meaningful event a success!

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