​Acer Wins ‘Best Laptop Vendor 2014’ at Dabs.com Diamond Awards in UK

The year 2014 has been a very fruitful year for Acer. No only they managed to increase their sales, Acer was also acknowledge in terms of awards from the industry. And with this, one of the recently acquired awards and citations of Acer is the Diamond Award  from Dabs.com, and the title of 'Best Laptop Vendor 2014' in the United Kingdom.

Considered as one of the UK's largest online electronics retailers and has been conducting the Diamond Award program since 2008, Dabs.com recently awarded the Diamond Award to Acer for producing high quality personal computers/laptops suited for the needs of the consumer.

Based on consumer voting, this achievement is a significant win for Acer as it reflects the brand’s high regard among British consumers.

The awards are given across a wide selection of categories including best PC/laptop vendor, home entertainment, as well as best service price and for business customers, best distributor and best account manager. Candidates are judged on the quality of their products, the services they've provided and their impact on Dabs.com customers' computing and home electronics experience.

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