Global Art Philippines hosts 2014 Global Art International Competition

Today, November 15, watch out for the new Picassos, Da Vincis and Michaleangelos as the Asia'a top art school grabs everyone's attention as they gather their best students around the region to compete on the annual Global Art International Competition.

Hosting this year's competition is its Philippines branch, who is celebrating its 5th year anniversary this month. Global Art is a company founded in Malaysia in 1999 by Mr. Mahair Goh, and has taught over 500,000 young artists’ minds and hearts in 15 countries including Malaysia, Singapore, India, Sri Lanka, Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, Vietnam, China, USA, Cambodia, Myanmar, Hong Kong and the Philippines

"Global Art is a unique breeding ground for children because they are taught not only how to copy a drawing but to create their own artwork, design and interpretation through different techniques," shared by Yenny Saw, Country Manager of Global Art Philippines.

Yenny Saw

Yenny and her husband Dexter founded Global Art Philippines in 2009 from a small place in Greenhills but have since opened 11 more branches in Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao City to accommodate the surge in the number of students and parents who want to experience their method of teaching.

Global Art Philippines

In the Philippines, Global Art accepts students as young as 3 years old to adults and teaches them varying level of skills using diverse mediums like color pencils, oil pastel, poster color, acrylic paint, watercolor, glass paint, ink pens, and pencils. The multi-level programs allow each art enthusiast to learn at their own pace and use their own ideas to create an artwork.

"We provide our students with templates but we inspire them to do their own version and their own take on any pattern or blank sheets," Saw explains. 

Global Art Philippines puts a premium on the quality of teachers they hire and the teaching methods they practice. "Our teachers undergo training both on art techniques and on how to effectively transfer knowledge to an aspiring young artist," Saw added. 

Global Art International Competition

This year, the Philippine plays hosts to the Annual International Competition with the theme "Heal The World." This competition will be held at the SM Aura Convention Hall today, November 15, 2014. “It is both an honor and a pleasure for Global Art Philippines to be chosen to host this year’s competition,” says Yenny Saw. 

A total of 300 art students from Global Art Philippines will be pitted against 200 students from other Global Art campuses around the world. Young artists from Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Brunei, Myanmar, China, India and Hong Kong will gather together to compete with their fellow art students and showcase their artistic talents and skills. 

On the said date, Global Art Philippines will simultaneously hold a competition among students from local branches - the winners of which will advance to the International Level where they vie for a slot among the best artists of Global Art worldwide


There are four categories based on age groups. Category A is for kids ages 4 - 6 years old and they will be asked to color and add some objects on the given drawing template in 90 minutes. Category B, meanwhile, is for 7 - 9 years old. The contestants will be asked to add ideas and imagination on the given drawing template + coloring for 90 minutes. For 10 - 12 years old under Category C, kids will be asked to draw on given blank paper based on the given theme with a time limit of 2 and ½ hours. And under Category D for 13 - 17 years old, participants will be given 2 and ½ hours to draw on given blank competition paper based on the given theme.

In each category, there will be specific directives and guidelines on each template (such as coloring and adding objects, drawing on a given blank template based on a particular theme, and adding personal ideas and objects according to the contender’s imagination) that contestants will follow and finish within a given time limit.

The criteria for this competition are Creativity, 40%; Drawing Skills, 20%; Coloring Techniques, 20%; and Overall Presentation, 10%. There will be a grand champion and several runner- ups per category/age group. Prizes include a trophy plus cash prizes for the grand prize winners. 

Judges for the Global Art International Level Competition are Mr. Mahair Goh; Mr. Ajin Thong, Global Art Master Trainer and Ms. Gean Fong, Global Art Assistant Trainer.

“We hope that our guests from other countries would also get acquainted with Filipino arts and culture and appreciate the wealth of lessons they would gain from this unique learning experience,” Saw concluded.

If you wanna check out the competition and see how good their students are, feel free to drop by at SM Aura Convention Hall today. For further information and inquiries on Global Art Philippines and the International Art Competition, you can visit or call their main office at Unit 101, Sekai Center, 368 Ortigas Avenue corner Madison Street, Greenhills, San Juan. Like can also follow them on Facebook: or visit their website at

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