BPO, Banking and Finance top 2014 Bonuses Report

In just a few days, you'll be seeing a lot of people with a huge smile on their faces, shopping like crazy and just being merry in time for the Holiday Season! You wanna know why? Well, I'm pretty sure that they already got their 13th month, 14 month or even 15 month and 16th month bonuses from their company. Yeah, lucky people! Hahaha!

But instead of feeling bad, let me share to you the latest report that Jobstreet.com has shared recently. In the said report, which is called the 2014 Bonuses Report, Banking and Finance, BPO/Call Center and Manufacturing placed high as the top industries that provide bonuses to their employees. 

With at least 4 months guaranteed bonuses on top of 13th month pay, the said industries were joined by Food and Beverage and Reals State.

The report also stated that 46% of employers agree to give out good payout bonuses, as 13% consider that bonuses are major factors in employee to stay in a company.

While 22% of employees say that they would leave the company if bonuses were to be lowered and 66% say that they will stay with the company for bonuses among other factors.

The 2014 Bonuses Report also shared that under the prudent listers are from retail, shipping/logistics, social services and education industries.

What to do with your BONUS?

Ready To Be Rich blogger and "Ready to Be Rich Guide to Investing" author Fitz Gerard Villafuerte shared some tips on how to use and save the bonuses that we will get this season and one of them is to determine expending habit.

In his book, you'll learn how to spend wisely without sacrificing you saving. By following the equation Income minus Savings equals Expenses, you'll get to practice saving and eventually making it as a habit.

Villafuerte listed down 6 tips on how to save now and make your future a brighter one. As early as now, it is good to (1) Make saving a habit. This way, if you are planning to have "saving" as part of your New Year's Resolution, you've already adjusted yourself to your spending habit. To make sure that you are saving your money the right way, (2) Ensure money protection by depositing it in a bank, under savings account so that at least, your money is earning some interest from the bank. If you think that's it, well, it is also a good idea if you get a (3) Health insurance. Villafuerte suggested this since you are saving for your future, it is also nice to know that the money you are saving isn't for some hospital emergency or sickness. Actually, it also a great idea that you also get a (4) Life insurance to make sure that your future is secured. Once everything is secured, think again, and make sure that you have (5) Emergency Fund. Villafuerte insisted that by "Emergency" means something that is life and death thing, not shopping of some sort. This money can also be used if you lose you job, that's why he is suggesting that you have your Emergency Funf sic times bigger than you monthly expenses. And lastly, (6) invest. It still best that you have a rotating money to keep everything in order.

"These things should be done in order, definitely no skipping," Villafuerte pointed out as he concluded.

So, how are you planning to spend you Christmas Bonuses? Are you spending it to saving?

Happy Holidays!

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