That Optic Dream Wedding with Colgate Optic White

Bridezilla, a coined term that describes a bride turned into a scary and flesh-eating Godzilla on her wedding day. We all don’t want that. That’s why, this year, Colgate Optic White partnered with two of the country’s sought after wedding photographer and videographer to help a bride-to-be achieve her dream wedding.

It’s very common to any wedding to experience a mishap. Whether it’s tripping while walking down the aisle, saying the wrong name during the exchange of vows, being photographed with lipstick on your teeth, or worse, ending up without any photographs at all – everyone has bouts of disasters running through their heads.

Maggie Wilson, who was married to Victor Consunji, remembers how rain almost washed out her wedding day, during the Colgate Optic White's Dream Wedding event at The Peninsula, Makati City. "Despite of the preparation and all, there will always something that will fail, and in our case, it was the weather that couldn't stop to shower us with blessing. Everyone was drenched in rain as I was walking down the aisle, but since everyone loves us, they all stay put till the final vow was announced."

As for the Stephanie Kienle, who was married to Chris Gonzalez in Paris, France, shared how she felt shocked when she realized that her Maid of Honor, who is her sister, was late at her wedding. "Everyone was also shocked when they saw me instead of my sister, but nonetheless, my sister came right after I joined my groom and everyone was appeased by her presence," she added.

On the other hand, Cat Arambulo, who is happily married to her husband Carlo Antonio, shared how she made sure that everything will run smoothly on her wedding day. “But of course, there’s still that itsy bitsy thing happened. Though, it’s not as scary as what happened to them, but, yeah, we all have a share of mishaps."

Event host Patti Grandidge, who just got married too, and Colgate Optic White ambassador Solen Heussaff, who is wishing to get married soon, shares the exciting gift of Colgate to wedded-to-be Filipinos through the help wedding favorites Jason Magbanua and Pat Dy.

Side note: I didn't expect Jason Magbanue to look this stylish. His clothing and style, you can really feel that this guys has some artsy gun in his mind. Hehe.

With more than 10 years in the wedding industry, Jason Magbanua has been called many things, including a genius and a magician. But as far as Jason is concerned, he’s simply a visual storyteller with an eye for capturing perfect wedding moments. Pat Dy, on the other hand, started his editorial career by shooting for top fashion magazines in the country. His fashion approach for capturing real couples got the attention of the wedding industry and has since changed the industry landscape.

Now, future brides can join the ranks of Manila's most beautiful by being part of Colgate Optic White's Dream Wedding contest. By uploading a short video of their absolute worst wedding worries on the Colgate Philippines’ Facebook page, one lucky bride will have the chance for her wedding to be captured through the eyes of Pat Dy and Jason Magbanua.

“Everyone wants a ‘white wedding’ – a wedding where everything’s spotless and everything goes according to plan,” says Magbanua.

“In most cases though, something’s bound to go wrong,” shares Solenn Heussaff, face of Colgate Optic White and attendee of countless weddings playing guest, bridesmaid, and make-up artist. “But every bride I’ve seen has been able to glide through their weddings – mishaps and all – with a smile.”

The Colgate Optic White's Dream Wedding started running last September 4 and the accepting of entries is until October 27, 2014. This contest is open to all wedded-to-be Filipinos in January until June 2015. The 10 most creative submissions will be chosen and voted on by the public on Colgate Philippines’ Facebook page.

So, if you are qualified, and just dying to have Jason Magbanua nd Pat Dy on your wedding day, they, what are you waiting for? Put that makeup on, and start the camera rolling!

Good luck and Best wishes in advance!

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