HMR opens all-furniture store in Mandaluyong

With Christmas fast approaching, I bet most of you now are thinking of house renovation. Though, some of you are still low on budget, HMR Philippines, the country's leading bargain shop opens its latest store in Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City offering nothing but their most affordable and high-quality furniture.

A few weeks ago, before the country welcomes the Christmas season, HMR Philippines opens its all-furniture store featuring authentic and world-class Italain pieces that comes in prices you couldn't imagine. With Denise Barbers, the interior designer and founder of Design To Build (D2B), who shared some tips and ideas on how to re-create one's house, HMR Furniture opens its doors last August 29 and will be open Monday to Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

And on my visit there, though, they are still arranging the place, I find the whole place filled with a lot of interesting pieces fit for one's home, office ad even business like restaurants, hotels and etc. You can get your sofa, four-poster bed, cabinet, ottoman, bunk bed, dining table and chairs, and corner tables fix here in HMR Furniture, Greenfield District, Mandaluyong at almost 50% less of its original price.

For those who are aspiring to level up the look of their place, I really find this whole new place a great spot to nurture your creativity and develop your style and sense of functionality. Each piece has its own unique design that could fit to your target look for your place. There are some intricately done pieces that speak nothing but Italian, and then there are some that are just plain and smooth, which suit to any style and look.

The prices of the small cabinets that you can see above range from Php3000.00 to Php5000.00, which are not bad given the design and quality of the wood used. While the prices of dining chairs below range from Php4000 to Php9000 a piece.

HMR Philippines takes pride on the quality of their products since almost everything are imported and that are really classified as high standard. But if you are thinking of buying now, well, just be ready to be surprised because the flow of the items in HMR Furniture is so fast that the items you see here might not be available anymore, but don't worry, every week they have new items being sold - SO HURRY NOW!

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Happy shopping, everyone!

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