Valda Pastilles hails Rico Blanco as new Brand Ambassador

What comes into your mind when you hear Valda Pastilles?

When I was a kid, I honestly don't like it. Despite of its soothing effect, I just find its menthol too strong that it burns my tongue and throat. But as I grow older, every time my usual candy soother won't do its magic, I turn my back to this old but good brand that is making a comeback now with a new brand ambassador as well, Rico Blanco.

For Rico, his throat is one of the hardworking parts of his body. From singing, to composing music, down to hosting, his throat is like a non-stop machine that is kept being used almost 24/7. Thus, he is prone to sore throat and other throat ailments that hinder him from performing well sometimes.

Valda Pastilles, a green, conical-shaped, chewy pastilles, has been known for soothing and cooling throats for more than a century now. Recently, with its launch event held last September 11, 2014 at Alphonse Bistro in Pasig, the brand has upped its cool ante by showcasing its newest endorser and latest music.

Recognizing Rico's talents, Valda Pastilles believes that he is the perfect person who can speak for the brand. By simply sharing its instant cooling sensation in every chew, Valda Pastilles believes that aside from being a rock star who is oozing with a cool persona, Rico's voice alone holds a refreshing power that can captivate the hearts of every Filipino with just the first note, which is pretty much like Valda Pastilles.

Other than being the new face of the brand, Rico has also composed and wrote a song for Valda Pastilles, and he titled it “Time For You”.

So, now that Valda Pastilles has teamed up with Rico Blanco, there will always be time for you to soothe and cool your throat wherever you are and whenever you feel like it.

Valda Pastilles is available in all leading supermarket and drugstores in the country and comes in its classic can packaging and now in foil pack packaging. For more news and updates, you can check them out at

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