Kim Chiu for Cherry Mobile Alpha Series

To match the wonders and beauty of its new series, Cherry Mobile announced last September 9, 2014 at at the Harbour Tent of Sofitel Manila the new face of the brand for its Alpha Series. Delightedly representing Cherry Mobile's newest line of premium yet affordable smartphones and tablets, Kim Chiu graced the launch that night sharing more great news to everyone.

Cherry Mobile brand ambassador, Victor Basa 
and model Phoemela Barranda hosted the launch

Being one of the major players in the smart phone market, the country's pride, Cherry Mobile stepped up higher as they present not only their newest ambassador but also their latest series of affordable smart phones that every Pinoy can now have and enjoy.

Branded as the Alpha Series, Cherry Mobile's latest offering features sleek design, power, and functionality that complement's its ambassador's style and elegance, Empowered by Microsoft, Intel, and Qualcomm, Alpha Series is consisted of two smartphones and two tablets.

For the smartphones, hey call it Style and Luxe, as both are Windows Phone with 8.1 operating system. Priced at Php2,999.00 and Php4,999.00 respectively, these two new Alpha Series smart phones display a vibrant and professional look that fit for for people on the go and for business. The Style has 4-inch 800x480 IPS screen, four gigabytes of memory, and 512 megabytes of RAM, while the Luxe has a 5-inch 1280x720 HD screen, eight gigabytes of memory, and a gigabyte of RAM.

Style, Luxe and Play

As for the tablets, Cherry Mobile Alpha Series tablets are Morph and Play, which both run on Windows 8.1 operating system too. Priced at Php11,999.00 and Php7,999.00 respectively, these two new Alpha Series tablets showcase a functional yet friendly appeal to different kind of users. Morph, being the more productivity-oriented of the pair, comes with its own keyboard in-box, 32 gigabytes of on-board memory, and two gigabytes of RAM, while Play, which is designed for mobile play and media consumption, has 16 gigabytes of memory, and a gigabyte of RAM.


And to match the the versatility of these gadgets to Kim Chiu, Cherry Mobile proudly announced that all Alpha Series Windows phones come with a free download of Office Mobile, while all Alpha Series Windows tablets come with a one-year free subscription of Microsoft Office 365 Personal.

Just as how Kim Chiu is unstoppable on her career, Cherry Mobile also keeps in innovating  their devices to stay ahead of its competitors and offer it at a competitive price point.

If you wanna know more about Cherry Mobile and its latest offerings, you can visit or better check out their official Cherry Mobile Facebook page

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