The Promise of Good Life is in the Practice of Good Health

Travelling and seeing how Negros Occidental practices such an amazing way to live a healthy life during our Organic Farm Tour last September 5 to 8, 2013, I and a few other bloggers and staff of Department of Agriculture cannot help but to feel we wanna all stay in this lovely province, not only to savor the delectable and healthy meals they offered to us, but to also start practicing a new lifestyle that involves eating healthy the organic way.

From one organic farm to another, our minds were convinced to the idea that TODAY is the right time to start living healthy. Saying goodbyes to bad habits, like eating too much junk food, could be really a mood swinger, but if we will just take one baby step at a time, nothing is impossible.

One major idea that I think moved us was the fact of having our own small organic garden in our houses. Though, it may really sound like a major effort to work on, farmer-scientists that we've met there in Negros Occidental shared to us that they also started in a small piece of land before they finally have these hectares full of heaven gifts they promise to share to everyone.

For us living here Metro Manila, practicing a healthy lifestyle is very challenging. With so many temptations right and left, it would really mean life and death to some that may not only break their hearts but their minds as well. But just like what our friends in Negros Occidental told us, having a healthy lifestyle can be done in baby steps. And we are lucky that there now food supplements in the market that don’t just offers affordability, but also a promise of good health.

CIRCULAN® 4 in 1 is the first natural dietary food supplement to be introduced to the Philippine market that promotes good blood circulation. Combining four top herbal extracts that work synergistically with one another to help improve the entire circulatory system of the body, CIRCULAN® 4 in 1 is Hawthorn Berry, Ginkgo Biloba, Garlic Oil, and Lemon Balm in one.

The Hawthorn Berry, which is added to give us a healthy heart, is good for those who are changing their habit of eating fatty food to healthy but delicious ones. Same goes with the Ginkgo Biloba, which is for the arteries, is perfect for those who have clogged arteries due to eating too much unhealthy food.  The Garlic Oil, which is for blood, is great to those who rarely have time to move and be under the sun. And lastly, the Lemon Balm, which for the nerves, is perfect for those who have no time for exercise and other physical activities.

With CIRCULAN® 4 in 1, plus healthy lifestyle, good diet and proper exercise, the promise of good life is surely within our reach – all we need to now is to take that baby step towards healthy living, practice good health, and we will have a happy and fruitful life ahead!

For more details on CIRCULAN® 4 in 1, you can check out their Facebook Page at

Thank you Negros Occidental for the wonderful trip and inspiring stories to push us to live a healthy life! And thank you too to CIRCULAN® 4 in 1, for offering an alternative for us to take that baby step to healthy living!


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