CalChews, Ideal for Women on the Go

As thousands, and even millions, of Filipina nowadays are juggling personal, family and career lives, its good to know that there are those who can keep up with this lifestyle. But as reality bites, although most of them can really do it, there are those whose health suffers.

Good thing, CalChews, the first and only calcium supplement in a soft, chewy candy form that also contains both Vitamins D and K, from Pascual Consumer Healthcare Corp. (PCHC) now offers a calcium supplement that directs its focus on women and the importance of staying healthy as they take on their responsibilities for their own self, in the home and at the work front.

A breakthrough product for women on-the-go, CalChews made it possible for them to get the right amount of calcium in just one pop and not miss a dose every single day.

When calcium levels in the blood drop below normal, the body involuntarily takes the calcium it needs from the bone — thus, reducing its calcium reserves. With CalChews, this is no longer a concern because women are provided with their ideal daily calcium requirement.  Furthermore, this chewable calcium supplement is fortified with Vitamin D3 that promotes proper calcium absorption, bone growth and bone remodeling; and, Vitamin K that helps keep calcium in the bones where it truly belongs.

Each chewable is individually wrapped, making it easy to take, may you be at home doing chores, in the office beating deadline, out with friends partying, or even at the gym while exercising. In short, CalChews can be taken just about anywhere, anytime - a perfect supplement for busy women who are always on-the-go.

CalChews are available at all leading stores and supermarkets, and doesn't require any doctor's receipt. So, choose to be healthy and choose to do it now! Take CalChews!

Stay healthy, friends!

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