Negros Occidental: An Experience in the Organic Agriculture Capital of the Philippines (part 1)

The Ruins, Chicken Inasal, Calea, Napoleones, sugar and more - those are probably some of the things that we have in mind when we heard of Negros Occidental or maybe even just Bacolod City, the capital of the province. But did you know that aside from these delectable sweets and heart-stealing tourist spots, Bacolod and the rest of Negros Occidental is a haven for organic farms that do not just offer the freshest and highest standard of fruits and vegetables, but also the most delectable and healthiest dishes that you could think of  out of their livestock, poultry and greeneries?

Organic Agriculture (OA) Bloggers

Those were the things that I experienced a few days ago when I, and a group of bloggers who are supporting the organic agriculture in the Philippines, paid a visit to the beautiful and loving Province of Negros Occidental. With its lovable people ready to share their knowledge on the best practices of organic farming, we found ourselves getting amaze on every idea and machinery that the province has presented to us. And it began in our host organic farm - the May's Organic Garden.

In and Around the Farm

Owned by husband and wife Ramon and May Uy, May's Organic Garden is a place of love for the province of Negros Occidental if I were to base it from the story we've gathered on our stay here. With a malnutrition and scarcity of healthy food to gather and harvest in the province, Mr. and Mrs. Uy decided to take a different path of farming through the help of individuals who think that it's about time to act on a bigger problem of the province.

Products from May's Organic Garden

With merely limited knowledge on organic farming, the family started having livestock and some organic seeds imported from the neighboring countries to start the organic farming trend in the province. All they know is that they ought to save their "kababayans" from this tragic problem, and through the help of God and their stocked knowledge, the family was able to produce the freshest and best fruits and vegetables the province needed to meet the growing malnutrition problem in the province.

The Practices

But what amazed us during our stay here was when Mr. Uy started showing us their mechanical machines that are a now serving a huge help to all neighboring organic farms in Negros Occidental. Through his ingenuity, Mr. Uy was able to establish his own company under the name of RU Foundry and Machines - a company that supplies shredder and other organic farming devices to the rest of the province. From grass shredding machine, to bottles and even rocks, the company that is inspired by organic farming has grown and is now able to help all budding organic farmers in Negros Occidental.

The Shredders and the Finish Products

Mr. Uy admitted that though their machines haven't reached the other parts of the country yet, they are hoping that someday through the help of the government who has been so supportive these days to the organic agriculture industry in the country would be able to help them extend their hands for a more fruitful and stable organic agriculture and agri-tourism in the country.

Lemongrass Oil Distillery

Charcoal Paper

But aside from the advance learning that we got from here, May's Organic Garden is also a place for special events where you can hold weddings, birthdays and other family affairs at the comfort of their lush farm and hefty and truly healthy meals! If you haven't been to an organic farm yet, I suggest that you pay a visit on this place and try their really, really good dishes! I love everything that they served to us during our stay here, so yeah, this is a must-experience farm here in Bacolod and of the whole of Negros Occidental.

May's Organic Garden and RU Foundry & Machine Shop Corporation is located at Brgy. Pahanocoy, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines

with Mr. Ramon and Mrs. May Uy

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