Be a Lifesaver with Dulcolax and Carewell Community

It was former President Corazon Aquino who made Colorectal Cancer or Colon Cancer made known to many. Her death brought a nationwide dismay and it is one of the many things that we will all be reminded. But did you know that this type of cancer, that is being classified as one of the most common types is curable by 90%?

In a press conference which was hosted by Dulcolax, the no.1 prescribed laxative in our country, guests and media personalities had a lecture about the importance of colonoscopy screening that can help us detect if we are positive or negative to this killer disease.

With the recent statistics from the Philippine Cancer Society that shows that at least 8000 new cases are diagnosed yearly and steadily increasing, Dulcolax, in partnership with The Carewell Community, an organization whose sole purpose is to help afflicted and affected by this dreadful disease, has release a campaign ought to save lives by making them aware that they should get a colonoscopy screening.

The Procedure

Despite of the seemingly alarming and hard to digest figures, Dulcolax, with the help of gastroenterologist-internist practitioner Dr. Jaime G. Ignacio, shared to us that a colonoscopy procedure should be one of the medical procedures that every individual should go through to make sure that we a far from the danger of having a colon cancer. Colonscopy is a medical procedure wherein the entire colon and rectum is examined sing a colonoscope. This procedure can detect inflamed tissues, ulcers and abdominal growths and has also the capacity to remove polyps in the colon, which significantly reduce one's risk of developing colon cancer.

Dr. Jaime G. Ignacio

According to Dr. Ignacio, the procedure last to 15 to 20 minutes, and patients could go home right after some hours of resting after the procedure. Though, he indicated that this procedure isn't that really affordable, with price ranging from Php 10,000 to Php 15,000 all in, it is advisable for everyone to undergo this procedure every 10 years.

He added that once a patient is ready to undergo colonoscopy, it is required for the patient to have a liquid diet 12-14 hours before the procedure and need to flush out first, hence taking a laxative such as Dulcolax comes very helpful. Patients are usually lightly sedated but may also be fully sedated upon request.

The Carewell Community

A non-profit foundation that provides support, education and hope to help save lives, the Cancer Resource and Wellness (Carewell) Community was incorporated in 2005 by the late Jessica 'Jackie' Fernandez-Suntay, and her husband, Robert 'Bobbit' Suntay.

Robert 'Bobbit' Suntay

Inspired by their experiences from the US-base foundation, The Wellness Community (TWC), Jackie and Bobbit were convinced that the efficacy of Jackie's medical treatment - and the quality of both their lives - had been substantially enhanced by their participation in TWC's array of complementary programs.

Rendering support, education, and hope to persons with cancer and their loved ones, The Carewell Community, according to Bobbit is inspired by and operates with the support of TWC - Boston, as well as TWC’s National Office. He added that it was in May 2007 that Carewell became TWC’s first and only international affiliate in Southeast Asia, and in November 2009 when Carewell became the Cancer Support Community's (CSC) partner in Asia. CSC is a merger of TWC and the Gilda's Clubs Worldwide.

TWC is the largest international, community-based psychosocial support organization that provides free resources and services to persons living with cancer.

And just like what Bobbit said as he ended his presentation, in Carewell, "Everything is FREE not FEE."

The Lifesavers

Ms. Jo-Ann Ramos, Brand Manager of Dulcolax, said that they wanted to partner with a group who's main purpose is to help cancer patients and their families, hence they chose The Carewell Community to help them save lives. And with an objective to make people aware that they should get screened early on to prevent or detect early Colon Cancer, they presented LIFESAVER.

Ms. Jo-Ann Ramos

Lifesaver is set to gear out various programs to effectively spread the lifesaving message to as many people as possible. And social media, being one of the most effective medium to get spread this good news, Lifesavers also launches their Facebook page Colon Care PH (

In addition to this, Lifesaver will also hold series of presentations in various hospitals to gain support from medical practitioners to encourage people at risk to get screened. Targeting the people who are 40 years old and above, who are most likely susceptible in acquiring the disease, the colonoscopy screening will let them be aware of their condition.

Lastly, Ms. Ramos shared that the another key program of the Lifesaver campaign is the Bisacodyl (Dulcolax) Lifesaver packs, which are currently available in all key drugstores. She mentioned that a portion from the sales of the Lifesaver Packs will proceed to the campaign main agenda, which is sponsoring possible disease carriers to a colonoscopy procedure.

Colon Cancer is highly preventable, that's what they assure us. And now that these two institutions are doing what they can do to make colonoscopy screening a mandatory medical screening procedure for everyone, let's just hope for the positive response from the government and let's pray for the those who are already affected and afflicted by this disease.

Good job, Dulcolax and Carewell Community!

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