Art Sessions with Dee Jae Paeste at SM North EDSA SkyDome

In its continuous effort to inspire its mall goers as well as onlookers, SM North EDSA recently added another captivating and world-class art piece in their SkyGarden and SkyDome. This time, its not just another garden accent or food establishment, but rather a series of artworks from the world renowned Dee Jae Pa'Este.

Just like how vibrant the life going in and out of SM North EDSA SkyGarden and SkyDome, Dee Jae Pa'Este addition of breathtaking pieces in this metropolis' oasis just made it more harmonious, which are visible to his famous strokes and bright colors that have been hailed not only in Asia but as well as in the United States.

I was able to witness every spray of paint and dab of paint brush in this first of the three commissioned art pieces he'll do for the SkyGarden/ SkyDome of SM North EDSA. And just like how he usually do his live paintings, with pop music in his background music and hushes from the onlookers, Dee Jae's first art piece, with a size of 11x20 meters, for SM North EDSA starts unfolding at exactly 12 noon.

For this artwork, he used spray paint the most with colors ranging from purple, blue, pink to mint green, gold, white and yellow. The Polynesian lady with distinct inked face and Buddha palm is the focal point of the artwork, channeling the blue bird in the opposite side that I believe represents the nature.

He shared that it only took him 10 minutes for him to do the sketch for this piece. With no colors and additional design, he then submitted it to the SM executives, and as expected, the approved and let him do his magic. He added that he really doesn't submit sketches with colors, because his real artwork will just reveal itself once he starts doing it - that includes coloring and final touches. As for the colors, he shared that the colors of his artworks depend on what colors he has on the day of the painting. Though most of them are really bright, he assured that everything will come just the way he wants it, showing that perfect combination of old world aesthetics and new world consciousness.

But do you know what makes me idolize this guy more, despite of the recognition he's be getting from the different parts of the world, he is so humble in person and obviously cheery - something that anyone can get from his art pieces.

It took more than 6 hours for him to finish his this first project - and yes, the rain wasn't able to stop him - and I'm just so glad that I was there savoring every moment as he transforms a wall of nothing to a wall of something!

How I wish I could have him paint my room with this kind of beauty. Hehehe.

Congratulation, Dee Jae! Thank you for the inspiration and for making me a proud Filipino.
Thank you too to SM North EDSA for sharing and artistic Sunday with us! See you again on the 22nd and on the 29th for the second and last artworks he'll do for the SkyGarden and SkyDome!

I can feel, I'm gonna be having a colorful, artistic and inspiring weekend because of this experience!

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