#25Surprises from Ayala Land Inc.

Imagine a day walking in an Ayala park, enjoying the serenity of the surroundings with some laughter coming from other people and birds chirping while taking a rest on those beautiful trees - sound so relaxing, right? But what if while you are doing those things, a group of people approached you and gave you some gifts - now, this is a surprise!

A few days back, about 1,000 Makati employees had a wonderful time spending their lunch time at the lush Ayala Triangle Gardens because aside from the wonderful treats that they enjoyed there, Ayala Land Inc., who is celebrating its 25th year anniversary, made their stay here exciting too through the gift-giving session that they prepared for the lucky ones.

From ice cream, doughnuts to merchandise such as magazines, Havaianas flip-floats, Vans shoes, umbrellas and more, a thousand of Makati employees got to take home some of these gifts that added more smiles and laughter to the vibrant and lovely Ayala Triangle Gardens.

Radio DJ Sam YG led the 25 Surprises as he personally handed out the gifts prepared to everyone. And lucky, just before the rain started to ruin this heart-warming event, the 1,000 gifts were already given out, so everything went well.

This is just the first of the 25 Surprises of Ayala and Inc as they celebrate this year their 25th Year. Watch out as there'll be more exciting and thrilling surprises prepared for everyone!

Congratulations and happy 25th year, Ayala Land!

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