James Hardie: The Expert on HardiFlex Advanced Building Composites

High durability and strength, convenience and versatility, and warranty and environment-friendly - if there are three things that James Hardie's HardieFlex are very proud of, these could be it. Trusted name in construction, James Hardie has a long history of providing innovative building products to customers in Australia, the USA, the Philippines and other international markets. And as they continue to give us the best quality for our homes and buildings, join me as I give you guys a short background as to how James Hardie creates such a superior, reliable, and trusted product.

Today, HardieFlex advanced building composite remains one of the most trusted and reliable building materials. The high regard for James Hardie’s products stem from the rigorous and carefully studied and tested process to make sure that every product can stand the test of time.

It began in 1980's when James Hardie used cellulose fibers for its products. From cement, sand, water, and cellulose, which he uses until today, James Hardie really takes pride of this astonishing creation of advanced composite building material. It is said that cellulose is added to in creating the HardiFlex to make the finished advanced building composite more flexible that gives it more bending strength.

Once the ingredients are gathered, sand is poured into a huge underground conveyor. This sand passes through a “ball mill”. It is called such because it has steel balls inside that are used to crush the sand into fine powder. Once the sand is powdered, water is added to make it easier to pipe through the sand across the manufacturing plant and also ensures that no heat is produced, eliminating the need for a cooling or exhaust system.

After draining the water from the sand, the material left is about 80 percent sand. This material will need to be thickened, and once it is thick, the cellulose is added along with the cement, sand, and with some additives. The result is a liquefied material that is poured through sieves, troughs, and rollers. At the end of this process, a film of fiber cement is created.

This fiber cement film is then put through a further process of drying and pressing and cutting until fiber cement boards are created. By this time, it is already the HardieFlex that we all see. With a flexibility and durability  that make it versatile - these HardieFlex can be cut, bent and shaped to follow a wide variety of designs.

You can discover how your home or building can benefit from the advanced science and engineering behind HardieFlex advanced building composites by visiting www.jameshardie.com.ph and liking the official James Hardie Page on Facebook at www.facebook.com/jameshardiephil. You may also call 1-800-888-5427 (outside Metro Manila) or 895-5427 (within Metro Manila) for other inquiries about the this unbeatable brand renowned all over the world.

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