'Thor' and '50 Shades of Grey' in Victoria Court's New Rooms

Surprisingly, place like Victoria Court is adapting famous characters from the books and movies, and now as they second half of 2013 unfold, they are happy to announce to their patrons their super thematic rooms set to excite every guest who avails them. 

It is said that yearly, the company is faced with great challenge of creating a unique room worth the stay of their discriminating patrons. Their effort to come up with something better and truly unique that the ones they had before was the push for the company to give a magnificent outcome. That's why this year's after a tremendous classification, two rose from the list and will be a part of bigger and better Victoria Court - the "Thor" and "50 Shades of Grey" themed rooms.

The "Thor" themed rooms can be experienced at their Malate branch, which has already created Thor with 2-level room, housing the party area at the first level and the bed and whirlpool area at the second.  Asgard, the planet when Thor came, was the inpiration to this whole new masterpiece at Victoria Court - Malate.

Victoria Court - Pasig also created a Thor themed room but comes in a lot smaller size. But what's exciting about their room here is that the Jacuzzi was turned in to a throne-like place that goes with an open space for party activities. But what more's exciting about this room is that they created the Thor's hammer that triggers lightning and thunder when you strike at any solid surface. A special team was hired for the sound and lighting effects that created the remote contraption for the room. Chief Architect Marc Sia is the man behind this theme.

As for the "50 Shades of Grey" room, which they say is more challenging, they combined a suite room and a deluxe room just to get the floor area required fit for all the amenities they want their guest to experience.

Right from the garage, an elevator car awaits every guest that will lead them to grey foyer that’s serves as a n introduction to the predominantly white penthouse unit. The main room showcases the entertainment area equipped with state-of-the-art Audio-video system and behind it is a grand piano that can be used as a performance stage for the pole attached on the center. The window offers a night view of the Seattle skyline that continues to the custom made Jacuzzi area behind the bar. Victoria Court said that they added a smoking area decorated with mirrors to create the illusion of space.

The bedroom for this themed room adopted a more classic design with brocade fabrics on walls to balance the modern white living room. The bed features a contraption that when guest are strapped in, the partner can rotate manually. It can be a fun ride or can be used for something kinky. And lastly, beside the bed are displays of kinky items that can be purchased upon request. With a total floor area of 108 square meters, the room has two bathrooms and is the biggest suite for Victoria Court Pasig.

So, if you are looking for a room fit for a bridal shower party or stag party, feel free to visit Victoria Court Malate and Victoria Court Pasig for that enticing and fun gathering.

I can't say I'll see you there now, but well, may the power of Thor and the sizzle of 50 Shades of Grey be with us all! Hahahaha!

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