Thirty and Traveling....

It has been my goal since I was a kid to travel to different places in our country, and I said to myself then that I will see the whole Philippines just before I reach the age of 30. And now that I'm 30, and though I haven't been to the whole of the Philippines yet, I must say that I am happy that I am living my dreams reaching far flung places I never thought I'd see... But then again, as I reach this age, I know that certain adjustment has to be done, primarily on my food intake and vitamins.

Swimming with whale sharks, climbing up to the mountains and walking to different beautiful spots, yes, I've done it all this summer, as my personal happiness reaches a different peak, I noticed that my strength is not like when I was just in my younger years. I easily loose breath, on my walks and on my climbs, something that I really thought I'll experience. All along I thought just because I'm gaining weight, but a friend doctor told me that aside from weight, the cause may be due to my system’s poor blood circulation.

Blood Circulation plays a major role in our body's well-being. Since our body is made up of different and several systems implementing various functions, it is very important that these vessels deliver the right amount of blood, oxygen and etcetera to different parts of our body. I tried asking my doctor-friend if there’s anything that I can do to keep this healthy blood circulation, and the first thing that he said to me was to exercise every day.

I should know by now the importance of exercise to our body. Aside from keeping my body fit and in shape, it makes sure that my internal organs/systems function well too. But my friend also indicated that aside from daily exercise, since I'm on my 30, it is also important to take vitamins that will help me stay healthy even on my slow days. He added that there are thousands of vitamins in the market now, from the usual ones to the food supplements that are gaining attention and good reviews from the people not only in our country but also around the globe. And one example that he gave is Circulan. He said it is a good alternative and comes in a very affordable price.

I know, I know, Circulan may give this some sort of "senior moments" impression, but he mentioned that Hawthorn Berry, which is for a healthy heart, Ginkgo Biloba, which for the arteries, Garlic Oil, which is for blood and Lemon Balm, which is for the nerves – all are in Circulan - are perfect combinations of ingredients to keep me strong, healthy and on-the-go.

Hearing those from a doctor may sound a little unusual, I know, but since he is a friend of mine, I trust him really, and I think I will take into consideration some of his suggestions. That's why by this time, I'm honestly considering to buy myself a bicycle too, for I know that other than the fact that I can use it for my daily exercise, it can somehow take me to some places too worth fulfilling my dreams to see the whole country.

Who knows, maybe bicycle and this Circulan are two great combinations for a travelling 30 like me... And who knows, I might come up with a new blog with that title. Hahaha! I just hope that no one will steal it from me now that they are reading this post. Hahaha!

Again, I wanna take this moment to thank all of my families, friends and secret lovers for the birthday wishes they sent over during birthday, I really appreciate it, guys! Thanks too, to Facebook, for reminding all of you. Hahaha!

Stay healthy and happy, everyone!
Happy 30th to me!

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