Lee Min Ho: My Everything Global Tour in Manila

It may not be the best KPOP concert I've seen, but with his captivating eyes, killer smile and jaw-dropping charm, Lee Min Ho is definitely one of those Korean stars that can rock SM Mall of Asia Arena and leave everyone dreaming to be called "My Everything".

Last Saturday, thanks to my good friend KumagCow.com, I was able to see one of the most awaited Korean comeback in the Philippines, Lee Min Ho. And with a concert, something new to all of us, all prepped up on his arrival, fans gathered at the MOA Arena for the concert of their favorite Boys Over Flower cast.

"My Everything", his mini album carrier single was the first song that made everyone shrieked. With his usual charisma, everyone fell in love with City Hunter once again as he serenade us with his manly voice. To be honest, it wasn't the Lee Min Ho that I liked, but then again, seeing how versatile he is and how he can manage to keep his charm is something worth seeing.

Min Ho sang one more song before his interpreter/host came up to the stage for a little chat. Sam Oh was the lucky lady who hosted the show, and through her, we were able to know some more kilig stuff about our beloved Lee Min Ho. I was able to capture that short interview, so feel free to watch it.

After that, Lee Min Ho opened the second half of the show with more of his singing. This time, the music is a little upbeat, so we were able to see this fine gentleman do some moves. It wasn't that applauding but I think it was sexy. And I think the crowd agrees with me that time because their shrieking was more deafening! Hahaha!

After two songs, Min Ho took a short break and let his backup dancers take the center stage. And when he came back, Sam Oh was with her again, it was that portion where they gave out some free stuff to the audience. Ten got to take home special gifts like LINE doll, BENCH clothes and LEE MIN HO paper doll. But one lucky girl took home a special BENCH shirt that LEE MIN HO wore that Friday. It has a signature on it, so yeah, everyone was so envy. Hehehe.

Lee Min Ho ended his show with two more songs, but the last one was really a winner. Here are the videos, I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did.

Thank you, KumagCow.com, for tagging me! Thank you too, Bench and Line for bringing him here again! And lastly, hope to see you again soon, Lee Min Ho! I will cook you you favorite kare-kare! Hahaha!

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