It’s Skin Opens at SM City North EDSA

With the rampant invasion of KPOP to Filipino culture, no wonder that from the outfits, dance craze and now even to make-ups, more and more Filipinos are going cray-cray over these new-world culture. And now, as another Korean store opens in one of the metropolis' prime malls, SM City North EDSA welcomes It's Skin to Manila!

The first store in the country, It's Skin SM City North EDSA opens last June 15 at the 3rd Level of the City Center building to introduce and to share one of Korea's clinical skin solutions. Under Descopr Incorporated, It’s Skin offers dermatologist-prescribed clinical skin solutions to help consumers achieve their ideal skin the best way possible.

With every product being formulated and prescribed by dermatologists from Seoul University, It's Skin Philippines levels of popularity among Filipino consumers by offering a wide range of products - from cosmetics to skincare to accessories.

I was able to check out their store last weekend, which is actually situated right beside the entrance of SM Department Store on the 3rd level. With the touch and vibe of a true-Korean store, It's Skin shares a classy and funky array of beauty products that are not just made to infuse natural ingredients, but to optimize the effect to awaken the potential energy of one’s skin.

According to the store representative that I've met, the unique prescription of It’s Skin was born from integrating natural ingredients extracted from natural sources using state-of-the-art dermatological science. It’s Skin also ensures product safety by using only ingredients with a high degree of purity and minimizing the use of antiseptics. The result is a line of some of the best products for preventing skin troubles.

It’s Skin’s meticulously controlled product philosophy extends beyond the contents of their bottles. Each product is carefully designed according to a clean and clinical aesthetic, which outwardly communicates the brand’s credibility as well as the products’ benefits.

Vibrating Foundation

This opening of the first store in Manila should prove to be a treat for both the skin and the eyes. With the growing number of Filipinos admiring and seeing the potential of Korean beauty and health products, soon after, an additional two stores will open in Metro Manila to cater to the bigger market.

So, if you love your skin, It’s Skin might be you solutions for healthy, glowing skin!

Stay beautiful, everyone! And yes, woohoo to KPOP! Hahaha!


Anonymous said...

i didn't know that It's Skin has a store here in the Philippines good thing I didn't order the Hyaluronic Acid skincare in GMarket. must visit their store, Watsons only offer the ampules. Thanks for this :)

Cha Cha said...

Hello there! Do you happen to know how much are the product's price range? Thank you! ^^

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

@ChaCha price ranges from 300 to a thousand, depending on the product that you choose. Some cost a lot more than expected. :)

Unknown said...

Are they still open?