Alaska Nutribuild 345: Your Child's Much-Needed Nourishment

When schools open their doors in a few weeks, there is only one question that mothers would ask themselves:  “Is my child ready?”

This question weighs heavily on mommies with children in the pre-school ages of 3, 4 and 5. Perhaps the most interesting, and maybe even the most mishap-prone period, the 3-4-5 stage is when the vital years of developmental milestones of a child are achieved.   

This is the period when every moment becomes snapshots of discovery.  They simply burst onto a scene with unbounded enthusiasm, trying out new activities and exploring the world around them. At this time also, confidence building in terms of achievement of their developmental milestones is essential.  Thus, proper nutrition and guidance are the key elements.

“The school is a "new world" for the child – a new environment where he or she can explore, try new things, test their limits, and create new relationships. It is best that they're equipped with nutrients to support their brain and body development so that they can do these things.  Proper diet enhanced by milk that is most appropriate for their age would help them cope, adjust and succeed in that unfamiliar and exciting setting,” said resident nutritionist and dietitian for Alaska Nutribuild 345,  Tiffany Anne Santuyo.

Naturally, eager and youthful moms become anxious to keep tabs on their child’s activities, both in the home and outside. They know what’s best for their child - their care exhibited outwardly with affection; their encouragement expressed through kind words and hurrahs. And as school starts, mothers concern themselves with ensuring the success of their happy pre-school student as the well-developed young achiever. 

Pre-school children are innately choosy in their food preferences – their meals being the main source of nutrients that keep them active, alert and energetic. For this reason, some mothers find themselves giving in to what the child wants to eat, without considering its nutritional value.  Other mothers tend to force their way onto the child because they know too well the importance of nutrition.  Either way, both types of mothers end up frustrated and being constantly worried about their child’s health and development, especially during the time that their little ones are in school.

“Moms may actually give in to the child’s preference while providing the nutrients they need for optimum development.  Simply remember that the more varied and nutritious the food items are, the more that they are enabling their child to absorb nutrients needed to get them ready for school,” quipped Santuyo.

In a mommy’s search for an answer, the best indicator is the child him/herself. Look no further. Milestones become successes when mommies teach by example, because pre-school children mirror what they see. Preparing nutritious meals supplemented by milk that is best for their age, and showing them the right way to eat to avoid misconceptions about food, are some of the healthiest ways the best mothers practice in preparation for the first school years in their child’s life. 

Along this line, the thrust on age appropriate nourishment is put into focus by Alaska NutriBuild 345. A nutrient-rich milk formula packed with essential nutrients, it is a  particular growing up milk  that supports mental and physical needs of children in the pre-school stage as they go through the four major developmental milestones: physical, lingual, intellectual and emotional (socio-spiritual) components.

 “Following a breakfast of fruit like papaya and a glass of the right milk, a baon of mini pizza slices for the little one’s school snack would make them anticipate the next meal too.  A robust helping of lunch like two pieces of meat and half cup of vegetables in pork sinigang, and a piece of fish fillet with another glass the right milk for dinner, is a good example of balancing their nutritional requirements,” concluded children’s nutrition expert, Santuyo.

With a reputable trademark to maintain, Alaska Nutribuild 345 establishes new parameters in milk formulas for children at ages 3,4 , and 5. It is enriched with brain and body builder: the right mix of iron+zinc+iodine which supports development of brain functions, enhances immunity and promotes growth; choline that helps in the development of cognitive and memory functions; and DHA/ARA that supports healthy vision and cognitive development. Partnered with a balanced diet and a healthy dose of physical activity, Alaska Nutribuild 345 helps maintain brain and body development during the pre-school stage, to unlock their potential at an early age.

When it comes to children, the oft-heard statement “Mother knows best!” is a matter of fact. As their child turns the corner towards formal learning and education, there can only be triumphs and victories, because Ang milestones kayang ma-achieve, as Alaska Nutribuild 345 advocates.  By combining proper nutrition with the right milk formula for ages 3, 4 and 5, mommies are assured that their children are ready to transform their nerves into sweeping verbs, in the “big time” environment of pre-school. 

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