Sir Richard Branson Go Drag on AirAsia Flight to Kuala Lumpur

I wanna believe that what happened to me last weekend was just a dream - flying out of the country for the first time to see Kuala Lumpur via the first flight of Zest Air on that lovely city m- oh, it was super amazing to be real. But looking at the pictures that I took after accidentally catching the arrival of AirAsia flight with billionaire Sir Richard Branson aboard on it, who is all dressed in red blazer and red skirt just like the rest of AirAsia flight attendants, oh, that is not a dream! That was a real fun!

It was said that two years ago, Virgin Group CEO Richard Branson and AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes had a bet on an upcoming Formula One race in Abu Dhabi. Unfortunately for Branson, his team was left behind, making the Fernades team leads and gave him the chance to won the bet.

And with that, a special AirAsia X charity flight left Perth, Australia last Sunday, May 12, and landed on Kuala Lumpur, Malysia's Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) with Sir Richard Branson all smile while strutting his red outfit.

Staying true to his words, I found myself  with an open mouth when Branson came down the airplane wearing the skimpy sexy red suit, complete with red shoes and black handbag. In the press conference where we were invited, he shared to us that he spent the five and a half hour flight pouring coffee or tea, serving meals, distributing goodies, entertaining and making in-flight announcements for the lucky guests and international media. 

Adorned with false eyelashes and lipstick, Branson also added that this has been a real first for him. “I have enjoyed the experience and I have nothing but respect for what our fabulous flight attendants do every day to keep us safe. I am also grateful to have had Tony, whom I lost the bet to, willingly help me out on the flight. I trust we kept the passengers well-fed and amused. It was a lot of fun.”

This Air Asia X charity flight aims to donate AUS$100 from each ticket sold to the Starlight Children’s Foundation. Starlight Children’s Foundation is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, and they wanna continue to be dedicated in brightening the lives of seriously ill and hospitalized children, and their families, around Australia.

The airline will also donate 10% of all in-flight sales, including duty free merchandise, to the foundation. Through a “Tweet2Donate BIG” social media campaign, AirAsia BIG loyalty program also aims to garner 1 million BIG points from its members, equivalent to MYR10,000 (AUD3200) to be channeled to the Starlight Children Foundation, which was established in 1988.

It was such a delight to cover an international news with this kind of game, and what left me in awe to to the man who dressed in red was when I learned that he shaved his legs during a cocktail event in Perth. Hahaha! What a really cool guy!

At the end, Fernandes handed Branson the AirAsia cabin crew graduation certificate and literally showered him with champagne as part of the airlines’ gratitude to him for being such a good sport during the short program they prepare at the LCCT Airport.

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