Jun Magsaysay is Sir Chief's Guy!

With a lot of different government and non-government organizations endorsing the guy from Zambales, I wasn't really shocked to know that the most in-demand actor nowadays, Mr. Richard Yap a.k.a "Sir Chief" of ABS-CBN's Be Careful With My Heart, is endorsing and actually campaigning for the guy who is a son of "our guy", Ramon "Jun" Magsaysay, Jr.

I had a wonderful chance last day, together with some local media personalities, to talk to these two lads who share same interest - to bring goodness into every Filipinos lives. And though it was too early, I must say that they managed to perked me up due to their really light mood that brought delight to everyone who attended.

With or without this press conference, I'm admitting that Senator Jun Magsaysay is on my list of senators to vote this coming May 13, 2013 election. A guy who is a son of a president who served his country wholeheartedly, if there's one more reason why I'm okay with political dynasty, Senator Jun Magsaysay is one of them.

His track record is clean, he managed to put up some law that is for the good of our fellows, specially in the rural area and he already showed a good leadership skill that's been tested through the crucial time of our country. Though, I must say that his transferring from one party to another party gained a little controversy, Senator Jun still managed to show who he really is and his principles weren't clouded by party he's a part of - something that we should take in mind in considering a senator.

I guess if there's one bonus to this day, other than meeting this gentleman who has a right to be called The Senator, that is seeing and meeting Sir Chief, who believes and in support of Senator Jun's advocay and dream for our country.

Who doesn't like Sir Chief, right? Hehehe. Even iif he didn't talk that much that morning, I can feel how he is willing to campaign for the man who he believes is the right man to in the Senate.

Aside from the El Shaddai endorsement that Senator Magsaysay received a few days back, he is also endorsed by 1-Utak Party List, Senior Citizens Party List, Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas, Kalipunan ng mga Maliliit na Magniniyog and Trade Union Conference of the Philippines. Senator Ramon "Jun" Magsaysay is also endorsed by another TV hunk, Dingdong Dantes.

Nice to meet you in person, Senator Jun! You have my one vote!
Good luck, Senator! Good luck, Philippine!

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