SYKES: 15 Years and Going Stronger!

It was one ass-kicking night as the pioneer of call center in the country celebrates its 15th year in the business. And with all the milestone that they've achieved, what better way to celebrate the triumphs than to have it Generation SYKES way!

Last December 16, more than 7,000 SYKESers gathered at SMX Halls 1, 2, 3 and 4 to celebrate one of the greatest milestones not only of SYKES but also the entire BPO industry. Dressed in true ‘90s fashion, SYKESers  were treated to an exciting journey down memory lane - from the nostalgic registration as SYKESers were serenaded by boy bands, to the ‘90s inspired photo booths, everyone definitely had a great time enjoying the generation they grew up with.

It began in 1997, back when the term BPO is still unheard of, SYKES dared to bring its call center business in the Philippines. Little did SYKES realize that its bold move to set up shop here would not only strengthen its business; it would also pioneer an industry and shape the economic landscape of a country. And after 15 years - 15 successful years - SYKES is now reaping what it saw in a star-studded way!

For a full-on ‘90s vibe iconic DJs Chico,  Delamar and Gino hosted the program that began with a bang, literally. The crowd couldn't help but scream like awestruck teens when Stagecrew performed ‘90s hits like Pretty Fly for a White Guy, Sweet Child of Mine and Santeria! But aside from the songs, the ‘90s was also popular for its signature moves. The internationally acclaimed Philippine All-Stars brought back MC Hammer’s Can’t Touch This and Tag Team’s Whoops! There it is.

As if the energy was not electric enough, SYKES' Vice-President for Philippine Operations, Mr. Dean Van Ormer, surprised everyone with his jaw-dropping rendition of Ricky Martin’s Livin’ La Vida Loca with the sexy Mocha Girls

It was my first time to see those girls perform, and OMG, it was really a jaw-dropping and heart-thumpin number! Hahaha! I bet the boys in the crowd loved it!

The night was highlighted by the performances of the different branches of SYKES in the country that hyped the '90s vibe more. With the numbers inspired by the music videos of Madonna, BackStreet Boys and *Nsync, every performance was very bongga, I couldn't believe that everyone really pushed their selves to the limit - from the choreography, costume, music and to the props! The PROPS! Oh, the props were all fantabulous! I love it!

Mr. Van Ormer, in his speech, shared to everyone that he cannot believe that it feels like it was only yesterday that SYKES stepped on Philippine soil with only 14 employees. He, then, added that each and everyone of them there have been a significant part of the SYKES story and their commitment, dedication and hard work helped SYKES reach the place where it is today. He bid everyone by saying enjoy the night and that night is for everyone.

Sandwich took over the stage after the announcement of winners Battle Jam competition and after the SYKES management gave away Php100,000.00 to 14 of its employees and Php250,000.00 to the 15th name called from the raffle draw.

This year, it was Manila North Dream Xtreme crowned as Battle Jam’s Grand Champion and took home Php60,000.00!

Oh, aside from the team performances, there was also a search for the head turners of the night. Throughout the evening, gorgeous SYKESers were spotted everywhere. Women donned their posh fashion. The men showed off their flashy get-up. But there were those who simply stood out. For making ‘90s fashion cool again, the head turners won Php15,000.00 each.

It was nostalgic, electrifying and, over-all, a special moment. It was a celebration that SYKES would never forget. 

And for that, congratulations and Godspeed, SYKES!

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Elmer Domingo said...

I worked for Sykes for 14 months! :)