Memories and Sale at SM Manila's 3-Day Sale

From the happy and enjoyable sale at SM Southmall, today, I found myself walking at the very familiar alleys of SM Manila. It's been ages since I visited this mall. Talking some Sunday time to check out the 3-day sale happening here, SM Manila made me realize one thing, I'm still the Alex I used to know back in college - smart buyer.

When I was in college, SM Manila was our  rescuee when we need something for school, our confidante when we are feeling down and simply our "tambayan" during slow days. It has a huge participation in our lives then, in our success, hence coming back here after some years brought back those sweet memories again.

Seeing the whole place packed with eager buyers on its last day of 3-day sale, one thing I'm sure I felt the moment I stepped inside SM Manila - so fucking excited!

I was able to grab some wonderful thing from SM Southmall on the two days that I've been there, and this time, here at SM Manila, I know that I'll be getting more - something like saving the best for last! Hahaha!

It so good to know that the whole mall evolved. There were really a lot see and to try now here. From the wonderful and high-end boutiques to foodie places that are just sumptuous to look at, SM Manila indeed deserves it spotlight right at the shadow of Manila City Hall.

And today as it shares its wonders to millions of Manilenos, SM Manila, and together with other SM Malls in the country gives up to 70% off on great selection. And as I scanned boutiques from top to bottom floor, it feels so Christmas-y in here! No one leaves with out a bag of goodies that are more affordable! Hahaha!

As for me, well, since I said that Christmas is coming, I spent some time first checking out the home fixings that are on great sale. We all know how expensive Christmas stuff get especially when "ber" months hit the town, so having some 3-day sale like this is very helpful.

And also, after that great flood that hit Luzon, I know that there'll be a lot of people like me who's thinking to buy new home furniture, so yeah, SM Manila is a haven for that today. I saw some interesting things that made me wish I really have a lot of money today. From the vases, curtains, sofas and beds, oh, I really love this part of this mall!

I even saw some nice folding chairs in here, which I think are perfect for the upcoming "Undas". Hehe. I will definitely go back here to buy two or three pairs. :-)

After checking out the furniture section, I then decided to check out the accessories! As I said, I had a wonderful time picking nice pieces at SM Southmall, and I assume that there'll be more here, that's why I headed straight to them and look what I found out!

Lovely fedoras at Php100.00 each were really for the win! And since cold season is coming, these are really great picks from the accessories section! Jewelries and bracelets were also on sale, so yeah, I still bought some more bracelets! Wee! SM accessories is the L-O-V-E! :-)

But I don't let my eyes and mind get distracted from the most awaited price for all my hard work. After picking some more nice bracelets, I didn't waste time and went to the Men's Shoes section.

Most of my shoes were victims of the great flood, that's why I need to start buying new ones. And since its a whole weekend sale all over the metropolis, and of course, thank to some "rakets" for providing me extra moolah, I can buy myself a new pair! Hehe.

That was me wearing that nice navy blue shoes. It is almost the same with my TOM's shoes, but a little heavier. That's why I just settled for this one.

I soooo love it! :-) Looks perfect on my navy blue Bench chino pants! :-)

After paying my stuff, I know that I'll be going home happy - actually with a huge smile on my face. But before finally saying toodles to SM Manila, I dropped by first at SM Appliance Center where I saw this great savings on LED TV. I even saw my dream Samsung LED TV, and yeah, that's probably my next target when I go back here. Let's add this nice Samsung microwave, this is gonna be a perfect Christmas gift to me... EHEM!

Thank you, SM Manila, for making feel like college again!
Thank you for clearing my mind from some life distractions!
And lastly, thanks, for this wonderful sale! Next month ulit!

Happy shopping, everyone!

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