It's More Fun to Shop at SM Southmall with Friends!

Yesterday was really a challenge to me. Coming from Manila and visiting a famous SM Mall on the southern part of Metro Manila for the first time is something that not most of us would do. Thankfully, I succeeded and reached the place safe and sound. And since I enjoyed the first day of SM Southmall's The Big Sale, I asked my friends to tag along with me to shop again because I know that I won't just be saving money, but also gaining more memorable fun times with my them.

We arrived at SM Southmall just before noontime. We had a quick lunch first, just like what most boys do, then we're off to our main goal - to shop.

I know some people will raise their eyebrows by this, but hey, most men now are soooo fucking vain, so don't be too shocked to know that we shopped and so fucking enjoyed it! And just like girls, boys do know how to have a great time when it comes to shopping! :-)

Since, we all know that boys don't really go all through the stores in a mall, we strategically planed our must-buys or must-haves to save money and energy. :-) And the best place to hit on this crazy fun sale season, the SM Department Store!

My friends, Myke, Rod and Jeman have already in mind what they'll gonna buy. As for me, I know too what to buy, but since I'm the most meticulous when it comes to choosing the best item among the four of us, I asked them first to tag along with me and help me decide.

If I'm not mistaken, this is the only time that I've asked guy friends on what to buy, especially on my accessory need, and to my surprise, it was hell funny and crazy and chaotic! If I were with my girl friends, I'm sure that they have a nice answer, but with the boys, oh, pure crazy fun!

I was able to get more bracelets from SM Accessories, which really made me happy. After that, the guys assisted me to buy my pants from bench, and thankfully, they have stocks of my favorite carrot-cut chino pants! Wee!

Yes, this is how I fit my pants. LOL

My fellows Myke and Rod, aimed for something great too. Myke, who fell in love with this messnger bag immediately placed it in his push cart along with that nice shoes and of course, let's not forget those nice looking eco-bag!

While Rod, who will be hosting a party at night, opted to buy some preppy ties. Cost only Php179.00 each, I'm honestly "inggit' when he picked the colors that I so like! Well, he asked us if which of those looks nice, so we happily suggested colors that suits her personality, and we're happy that he liked our choices. And since, we saved some money from it, he still went around and find more interesting pieces.

As for Jeman, who surprisingly the most vain of all of us, went straight to the beauty section to replenish his beauty regimens. And believe it or not, this guy behind takes orange too damn seriously! Just like an orange juice bursting with orange-y flavor, Jeman's beauty regimens were also composed of orange-y stuff! He didn't notice that the items that he picked were Buy 1 Take 1, thankfully the very assisting and friendly staff of SM Department Store/Watson are always there to help. So, Jeman, went home with a huge smile plastered on his face and tons of beauty supplies, which I personally think will last til Christmas! Hahaha!

After spending time in the Department Store, we continued our bonding moments strolling around the malls and checking out the boutiques that offer equally great selection of discounted products. And before we all go home, we spent some bonding over dinner again to finally capped this day ultra fun shopping day!

Boys will always be boys, no matter where we are, friendship that is full of fun and surprises will always prevail! Thanks to SM Mall, they always have something for everything! No wonder, SM Malls are the most trusted and dependable malls by Filipinos!

And indeed, it is more fun to shop at SM Southmall with friends!
Thank you, SM Southmall for all the discounts! Til the next The Big Sale!

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