Manila, Meet the G-Star Raw!

As the denim craze comes back in today's fashion trend, Primer Group of Companies takes the competition and excitement a notch higher as they bring Dutch denim powerhouse, G-Star Raw, to the Philippine market.

And last week, despite of the crazy rain, the denim rave continues as they officially opened G-Star Raw's first-ever Philippines store. Located at Unit 201, upper ground floor, C1 of Bonifacio High Street Central,  a handful of celebrities and fashion icons gathered to celebrate the coming of this edgy luxury street wear here in the country.

We were all invited to check out the store for us to see how genuinely raw and natural their store and products are, and I must say that even though the prices are quite out of my range when it comes to shopping, the one-of-a-kind, edgy appeal are simply captivating and worth-raving for.

I should start saving more moolah!

I had some favorites when I visited the store, I'm just hoping that when I get back there, they still have them. But if ever they are already sold out, well, I guess, there's always something better coming and I'm so excited about it.

In line with the celebration of its first store here in Manila, G-Star Raw also takes pride in presenting their Philippine ambassadors that will represent the brand to their respective industry. They are Sanya Smith, Pauline Prieto, Sid Maderazo, Mike Concepcion and Gian Romano.

Mike Concepcion

Pauline Prieto

Gian Romano

Sanya Smith

Sid Maderazo

Comes from the modeling, fashion, film and music scenes, these five G-Star Raw's Philippine brand ambassadors were picked because of their unique sense of style that have captured the eye of G-Star Raw.

I know my pictures won't satisfy your excitement about this great addition to our country's fashion retail industry, so feel free to go now at Bonifacio High Street Central and feel the edgy raw and natural G-Star Raw!

Me with the night's host Borgy Manotoc

Happy shopping, everyone!


Elmer Domingo said...

Ganda mo naman teh katabi ni Borgy Manotoc :)

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G-star jeans said...

I do love your pictures! g-star is my favorite brand!