Exercising Made More Fun with FTX's Kangoo Jumps

Rejoice gym-addicts, well, as dance lovers, because with this latest hip and funky and cool gym exercise that FTX offers, I'm sure that that little kid in you will be out jumping up and down with these kangaroo-inspired shoes called Kangoo Jumps!

Only available here in Fitness Exchange Gym or FTX, this latest innovation from Switzerland is all set to add more fun to our usual gym routine. And last Friday, as I pay a visit to this hip and modern-styled gym again, I had a wonderful time trying these bouncing pumps together with FTX Kangoo Jumps ladies who turned the night into a hypnotic dancing era!

Kangoo Shoes are safe, low impact rebound sports shoes providing many health benefits for everyone! But as of now the Kangoo Shoes here in FTX are just available for adults, but time will come that they'll provide some for kids too for this ultra-fun exercising shoes are perfect for kids too!

Urban Rebound Class

Part of the Kangoo Jumps fun here in the FTX is this program called Urban Rebound where participants get to enjoy exciting power, lightness and euphoria, which translates to more fun intense fusion training, through dancing. And along with some of my friends in the blogging community, we spent some hours of bouncing up and down following the routines made my the three Kangoo Jumps ladies of FTX.

It was a pure kiddie fun, really, but it was very tiring too. There were some breaks to replenish our body from the all the sweat that we're making that night, but after that, the dancing continues.

Some tips probably that I could share to you guys if you are planning to join this Urban Rebound class are, one, your long colorful socks. Ladies and gents here brought colorful socks to match the atmosphere of the place, so in order to be one of them, follow the trend! Hahaha! And two, there were also some participants who wore animal-printed gym attires, so it was really a mix of fun colors and prints.

Trying out this Kangoo Jumps would cause you a little bit, since the use of the FTX gym costs Php550.00 a day, you'll also have to pay the Php150.00 rental fee of the Kangoo Shoes. But if you are planning to do this for a long time, FTX Gym sells Kangoo Shoes at Php14,000.00 a pair, and it comes with free training at FTX gym and some running singlets for their upcoming sports events.

Trainers Connie Fortich and Reijo del Prado

Kangoo Shoes are made to provide best protection for our ankles, knees, hips, lower back, spinal column and joint in general. So if you think, this one is perfect for you, you can check you FTX Facebook page or you can visit them at Unit 202, Three Salcedo Place, Tordesillas Street, Salcedo Makati City.

I'll be back,FTX! Weeeeee!

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elmerlovesoreo said...

I've seen those shoes before in one of the episodes of The Amazing Race. They were in Australia and they have to use on of these shoes :)