UNIQLO: Now Open at SM Mall of Asia!

Finally! The most anticipated opening of its first-ever store in Manila has come! And tomorrow, it's gonna be a one-fun "sahod" day, as every boy and girl in town join the craze on the brand that's been loved and adored all over Asia - UNIQLO!

Yesterday, I was one of the lucky few who got glimpse and experience what it's like to be inside the UNIQLO store. I haven't been to any other Asian countries where there's a UNIQLO store, so every detail about this store has made curious to the point that I, myself, can't help but to get gaga over their clothing line and apparels.


To my amazement, and for everybody's information, I think they can handle the craze tomorrow, and I think that they have prepared themselves for this because the store is soooo huge that we were actually given a map just to know where such item is located! Amazing, right?

And so, to excite you more, here are the pictures that I took yesterday, and I hope this will make you awake all night! Hahahaha!

I also prepared 10 things that you must keep in mind before heading to SM Mall of Asia tomorrow!

1. Since, it's "sahod" day tomorrow, you should keep it mind the kind of traffic jam that it may cause around the SM Mall of Asia vicinity. The mall will open at 10 in the morning, so if I were you, I'll be there as early as 9 in the morning. FYI, first 500 customer will get a free UNIQLO Tote Bag and Mochiko gift certificates. :-)

2. Most people will surely be off from work for this craze, so be ready to fall in line - AND BE PATIENT!

3. By the time you reached the store, a lot of crazy buyers are already inside, breath in... Take your time and tour around first for you to grasp the whole idea of UNIQLO. Once you saw the whole of it, then you could start shopping!


4. If you are on a budget, I'd say that with just Php1180.00, you can already have a pair of pants and a shirt because most of the items at UNIQLO are really on sale, meaning at Php590.00 price! But if you worked hard and you earned a lot, well, dig deeper, because there are really a lot of great items to buy from this store! May it be shirt, pants, shorts, socks, undies, sports wear, sleeping attires, bags, apparels, I'm sure that you'll go gaga over their items!

As for the kids' items, most are at Php390.00 price.

5. Do not forget to feel and fit the clothes that you're gonna buy. The textiles that they used on their clothes are really lovely, so feel them, it's free to feel them! Hahaha! As for the size, I believe that their sizes are made specially for Asians, so if you are bigger, make sure that you fit them. They have this good return policy, but since it's gonna be a very busy week for them too, if you want a less-hassle shopping experience, fit them properly and choose the right size for you. Their personnels are all ready to assist their guests.

6. The whole store is manned by over a hundred of staff, so if you need something, don't be shy to ask. Their personnel are very jolly and attentive, so abuse them! Hahaha! Just kidding! :-P

7. Last night, they equipped the store with probably around 10 cashiers, so falling in line to pay probably won't take that long. Major credit cards are accepted. So once in line to the cashier, I suggest that you prepare you money or card while in line.

8. SM Advantage card is also honored here, so if you have that, do not forget to present it to the cashier to earn some points! :-)

9. If you reached the Php2,000.00 mark amount, do not forget to ask for your free Tote Bag. This is part of their Store Opening  Giveaway, so feel free to ask about it.

10. Last but not the last, just like me who fell in love with the kind of clothes that they have here, feel free to come back! I'm sure that there's gonna be something new on your next visit. Who knows, we might see each other there! Hahaha!

Some plus factors to last night's shopping spree was that I was able to shop with my favorite celebrities, fashionistas and UNIQLO's casts! Wee!

More pictures here.
Happy shopping everyone!
And welcome to the Philippines, UNIQLO!


Elmer Domingo said...

Ikaw na Alex ang katabi ni Chris Tui sa picture :)

Ruth dela Cruz said...

Waaah!!! I was so busy checking out goods for girls, I missed the Beatles shirt! Shucks! Hate! Waaaah.. :(