Style Origins - Mensweek - Michael Cinco

Indeed, Michael Cinco is one hot item to fashion industry, and this guy is UNSTOPPABLE! From his applauded Impalpable Bench-Philippine Fashion Week show to the recently concluded Ayala Malls' Style Origins featuring Mensweek , which took place at Bonifacio High Street, Cinco delivered again one outstanding show that only he can give!

Michael Cinco

With his own twist and turn on one of the most mysterious outfit in the world, Niqab, a Muslim woman attire that covers not only their body but also their faces, Michael Cinco created something inspired by it that are perfect for men for the Fall-Winter Season. Yes, M-E-N, men!

Though, not all are really wearable, Michael Cinco's craftsmanship in creating an outstanding and truly extravagant outfit was once again proven as his creations for this show took the runway with a bang.

A show that made my heart skipped a beat - SOOOOO LOVELY!


This is my first time to see a Cinco collection in person, and just like any first-timer, I'm amazed by how intricate his designs are. The bead works in most of the garments on this show are truly show-stoppers.  It'll sweep you off your feet, I guarantee you! :-)

And the shoes, ooooh, I so love the shoes and the slippers! Everything reminded me of the Sex and the City 2 Movie, but only with hot men wearing remarkable clothes! Haha!

Congratulation, Michael Cinco! You make us all proud! :-)
Thank you, Ayala Malls!

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