Freeway, Ensembles and SOLO Mid-year Sale!

Hear ye, hear ye, fashionista, shopaholic and fellow corporate slaves!

Three of of favorite local brands is about to unleash the most awaited and most anticipated mid year  sale starting this Sunday, July 1! Be the first people to purchase those wonderful clothes and apparels from Freeway, Ensembles and SOLO at discounted prices!

The last time I visited their store, which is the very elegant The Row at Glorietta 5, I already some pieces that  will suit to my wardrobes. I also some previous styles that will still look good on this upcoming season, so I'm hoping that they'll be a part of this great sale.

Plus, those National Artists Collector's Series from Freeway are nice, I know that fashion-forward women and stylistas would love to have them, still. As for the gentlemen like me, SOLO has these really cool outfits and apparels that are sure to make you feel good and look great.

I'm just hoping that I'll have some extra moolah before Sunday so that I can join you guys on this great mid year sale. My wardrobe needs some updating since rainy days are coming and my fashion taste is getting so different nowadays. :-)

To get more updates about this exciting forthcoming activity you can check out each stores Facebook accounts - Freeway, Ensembles, SOLO - as well as their Twitter accounts - Freeway, Ensembles, SOLO -  for more inquiries.

Happy shopping everyone!

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