The Electrolux Wok-a-holic Kitchen Star Day 1

Day 1 has just finished, and with the exciting line up of activities that the 14 participants of this exciting kitchen challenge, as well as the 14 blogger-partners of these 14 participants had gone through today, the kick off of Electrolux Wok-a-holic Kitchen Star Boot Camp just opened  great opportunities to aspiring chefs of this land.

Well attended by all of the participants, the Electrolux Wok-a-holic Kitchen Star Boot Camp, which took place at Waltermart Munoz early today drew a crowd that made the event more exciting and fun! And together with the celebrity-chef judges who served as their mentors for this day at boot camp, everyone had a fun learning afternoon knowing new techniques and styles in cooking.

The 14 Kitchen Stars

And aside form showcasing their cooking prowess, Chef Bruce Lim, who will serve as the Headmaster of this competition, Chef Rosebud Benitez and Chef Jonathan Bautista delightedly made the atmosphere a little lighter with their simple yet very remarkable cooking styles that made them known in the industry.

I, for one, learned a lot of stuff, from picking the right ingredients, to slicing and dicing them, to cleaning up your kitchen and yeah, falling in love with that Electrolux range - it was a fun afternoon that is a start of something new for all of us.

I was able to meet some young and really talented chef wannabes that wanna be hailed at the next Kitchen Star, as well as some housewives and husbands who are so passionate about cooking and just decided to take the next big step.

Chef Bruce Lim

Chef Rosebud Benitez

Chef Jonathan Bautista

For those who didn't know yet, Recycle Bin of a Middle Child has been chosen to be one of the blog partners for this kitchen showdown. And part of my job, aside from helping my kitchen partner in the kitchen is to help herwin the People's Choice.

So, ladies and gents, meet my kitchen partner Mariela Salcedo.

I know that this kinda awkward, but I hope you could help us bagged the title. And you could do that by simply visiting The Little White Book page of Electrolux, LIKE the page, and kindly fill up the blank boxes below. 

Do not forget to put your name and contact details there, because who knows, you might win yourself some cool Electrolux appliance. 

Mariela Salcedo and I

And as for the voting part, my kitchen partner is Mariela Salcedo, so do not forget to CLICK the LIKE BOX under her name Mariela Salcedo, all right? *wink*

Oh, day 2 is about to unfold in a few hours, and I cannot contain the excitement that awaits for us there anymore. And so, if you wanna see us how fun and exciting this cooking showdown is, and learn some few tricks in cooking together with Chef Bruce, Chef Rosebud and Chef Jonathan, Electrolux Wok-a-holic Kitchen Star happens at Waltermart Munoz!

For more event pictures, you can see them at Recycle Bin of a Middle Child Facebook gage  and for more quick updates, you also check my Twitter account @_AlexDizon and @ElectroluxPH.

See you all there!:-)


Elmer Domingo said...

Wow! Buhay na buhay pa ang Electrolux ah! :)

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

Hey, please vote for Mariela Salcedo, okay? Thanks!!!