A New World of Feng Shui at SM North EDSA

Feng Shui has been a popular geomancy for us Filipinos in centuries now. With its miraculous and astronomical insights on how to make one's life go towards positivism, no wonder a lot of people believe and practice this all over the world. And now, with her wonderful understanding of Feng Shui, Maritess Allen reached out to many people through the opening of her store New World of Feng Shui at SM North EDSA.

Every time the world welcomes a new year, a birthday or opening a new business, Feng Shui plays a vital role in considering where to put such things in order to have a prosperous life. Just like here in the Manila, tons of people flock to Chinatown during these time to get their piece of lucky trinket or home decor to welcome these new milestones with positive vibes.

Well, now, there's a more convenient way to shop these Ongpin jewels through Miss Allen's store, World of Feng Shui.

I was invited to take part on its opening last April 21st, and even though I'm not a solid believer of Feng Shui, I attended the event to see how this lady makes Feng Shui so easy to understand and so posh! :-)

The opening started with the usual lion dance and drumming. Miss Allen was the first one who entered the store bearing this golden bell. While waiting for the lion to enter, she picked up this red cloth on the floor, which revealed this bagua that has the initials of the directions.

Then after that, as the lions collected all of the red envelops that were hanging in different corners of the store, they let us all in to see the wonderful and really elegant lucky charms that they are selling there.

I thought I've seen a lot of beautiful charms already since I'm a frequent of Ongpin, but when I went inside the World of Feng Shui, I was amazed as to how these charms turn to be so modern and classy and cute!!! I just want to have them all!

From the glass crystals to wooden and metal dragons, Marites Allen's World of Feng Shui possesses a wide collection of lucky charms and home decors that are said to bring positive energy to your home and family.

Though, I must admit that the prices are not that affordable, according to her, most of her items were shipped from other countries, so there are really some things that you could only buy here. Plus, with her good help on where to place these items inside your home, the possibility of getting what you desired for in life is high.

I personally find her store assistants really nice and knowledgeable, something that I don't usually experience when I visit Ongpin. So if you don't want to go that far and haggle for a price that fits your budget, I guess, paying a visit at World of Feng Shui is your best choice!

Aside from those trinkets, World of Shui also offers luck-attracting attires, clothes that Miss Allen usually wears.

For women, dresses and shawls are on the racks for you to choose from, and as for men, I only saw polo shirts that carry this logo, which I believe is Feng Shui friendly.

In my short stay here, I saw three items that I find really beautiful and basing from the explanations that are written alongside, these are just the things that I needed in my life.

Bejeweled Fuk Luk Sau

Bejeweled Blue Dragon

Bejeweled Phoenix

I really, really like that red phoenix, and since it is kinda price-y, I should start saving for it... like NOW NA! Hahaha!

For more information about Miss Marites Allen and her World of Feng Shui, you can visit http://www.maritesallen.com.

Thank you World of Feng Shui for this informative and colorful afternoon!
May we all be showered with luck, fortune and blessings! :-)


Elmer Domingo said...

I love the Chinese version of the Phoenix and Dragon :)

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

Cute no? I wanna have them !!!