The Bactidol 12-Hour Sing-a-thon!

If the American Idol judges Jennifer Lopez, Steve Tyler and Randy Jackson could just see the recently concluded Bactidol 12-Hour Sing-a-thon, I know that they'll be amazed as to how us, Filipinos, became so great in singing! Because, truly, videoke is in our blood! Haha!

It was a fun-rocking and gargling night for 20 teams who joined the first ever Bactidol 12-Hour Sing-a-thon. For straight 12 hours, these team outlast one another by singing their hearts out through the songs of their choice at Red Box Eastwood.

From families, friends, classmates and office mates, 20 teams step up to the challenge and gave their best to stay up and awake for 12 hours singing different songs non-stop.

I witnessed how these teams made their strategies, and to be honest, what I though would be easy was really challenging. Since there's the rule of there's should always be 8 member inside the room, battling with the cold temperature was one of the many concerns of the contestants. And since some of the contestants came from work, lack of sleep was another problem. I actually saw some of them sleeping in their room, while their co-singers are belting out! Hahaha! For the love of videoke!

Alongside the team competition, there was also an individual category where one male and female will win a special award. Wait for my upcoming blog post about it, because I believe, there'll be this contest for this part and winners on that guessing game will win some gift bags from Bactidol.

Hosts Chico and Delamar were also there the whole time boosting the energy of each team. I adore this duo so much, so by just seeing them my day was made really fun. How I wish they also rendered a number for us that night. :-)

By the time the clock ticked to 12 midnight, each team started going out of their rooms, jumping up and down, screaming!

Guess what, since Bactidol is really made to make us feel like a winner everyday, all of the 20 teams that joined the 12-Hour Sing-a-thon won! Each team got to take home the Php20,000.00! Wee!

Congratulations to the winners! 

Kudos to Bactidol for coming up with such a great idea to enjoy our golden voices! Hehehe. Til next year! :-)

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Micamyx|Senyorita said...

Ang saya naman nito hehe :D Saw your link from Pebbles' profile. Good job! Manlibre ka! :))