10 Things Why I Deserve a Samsung Galaxy Note

Month every month as the competition on mobile phones gets tougher and tougher, a brand new smart phone or tablet gets in the way getting our attention and offering cool new features that guarantees make our life easier. But with all those applications and features being said, one question keeps lingering in my mind, are those applications really helpful?

That's why I decided to share to you this post to share to you my 10 reasons why I prefer Samsung Galaxy Note over the other new gadgets and why I deserve one!

Samsung Galaxy Note was first announced during the IFA 2011. With its handy look and really awesome features, it automatically created a buzz to the whole world making it to the top list of the most desired mobile gadgets. Would you believe that in less than two months there's already a million of people using this gadget? Wow, right?

Upon hearing that, I can't really help but to get envy to them. But before I let myself go totally gaga over this latest advancement from Samsung, I made sure first that it is really worth my craziness and all the applications that it has are perfect for my lifestyle.

1. From Galaxy 551 to Galaxy Note

It's been a year since I bought this slide-QWERTY Samsung Android Phone. Its been a big help for me having this phone organizing stuff and schedules since it possess certain features that are perfect for my needs. But after discovering that Samsung Galaxy Note has this more creative and fun way in keeping my schedule and creative thoughts - this is me assuming that I'm that creative - I find it more pleasant and really cool.

2. Big Phone for Big Hands

Also, over that year, I dunno what happened, but my hands are having a hard time using that small phone. I love my Samsung phone, its touchscreen and QWERTY features, really, but I just think that I'd be more productive if everything, especially my phone, will come very handy. With the the Samsung Galaxy Note's perfect size and perfect weight, I know that this is just the right gadget for my big hands. :-)

3. The "Real Apple" of the Eye

With ts 5.3" HD super amoled screen, it will save more time since I can see clearly all the things I'm checking on my message inbox and on the Web and at the same time, money, because there's no need for me to purchase a tablet anymore. :-)

4. A Traveler's Guide

Exploring the world is one of my passion nowadays, and with the help of the better-performing GPS of Samsung Galaxy Note and its capability to save every screenshot of the locations I'm checking out, my getaways will be made more easier and fun! Its like carrying a blueprint of the world! Woohoo!

5. Digital Closet

As for the fashionista in me kicks in, Samsung Galaxy Note makes my fashion-book to a higher level. Now, there's an easy way and more fun way of doing the fashion clippings. And the way I saw it on their how to videos on Youtube, I really, really find it so old-school yet so high tech! Bongga talaga!

6. Artsy Fartsy

For those who love sketching or probably, like me, makes sketching a way of releasing stress, Samsung Galaxy Note made sketching "digital" with the help of their S Pen. S Pen is a stylus that goes along with every purchase of Samsung Note, which I know you'll love too!

7. Co-shutterbug

As you may have notice, I'm into traveling and fashion. And what better way to keep those memories alive for a very long time than to take pictures of every outfit and location that I wore and visited. With Samsung Galaxy Note's 8 megapixel camera, a clear, crisp souvenir of every event in my life would be as fresh as it is.

8.  Scribble Lover

Aside from the awesome sketching, for those who prefer writing or scribbling, Samsung Galaxy Note makes such feature available - an easier way to take down notes and input important details on my daily chores. And yes, I can finally place my signature on those digital documents now! Wee!

9. 16 and 32, it's the space not the age

Aside from the 16GB internal memory, Samsung Galaxy Note is expandable up to 32GB, something that will make a person, of any age, really happy and contented! And from the millions of useful applications that you can get from Android Market, there's no reason to get bored and not to be creative and disorganize at all because you can download them for FREE!

10.  Carbon Foot Print Certified

Last year, I was introduced to this term, and after knowing that Samsung Galaxy Note has received The Carbon Trust or successfully met the requirements of PAS 2050, a global standard for product carbon footprinting, this smartphone proves that is not just made for our lives to be easier but also for our planet to live happier! Earth-friendly, that's one factor we should keep in mind, guys! :-)

With its jawdropping features, which are perfect for all the gents and "kikay" girls, these are just my personal reasons why I think Samsung Galaxy Note is the BEST mobile phone in the market now and why I believe that I DESERVE TO HAVE one NOW!

I learned all of these during the Samsung Galaxy Note Studio Exhibit at SM Mall of Asia some few weeks ago along with the other people who witnessed that fun event. It was a Galaxy Note drooling day, believe me, because they also gave out discounts that day! Waaaah!

I've been a good boy and my birthday is just around the corner, I wouldn't mind having my dream phone on my 29th birthday! Hahaha!

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