Welcoming Earth Day 2012 at Nuvali

In a more stunning and vibrant way, Nuvali, the country's first sustainable eco-city, welcomed this year's celebration of Earth Day with a glorious musical extravaganza through the voices of our very own Kyla, Zia Quizon, Juris, Jed Madela and Christian Bautista at the Evoliving Center, Nuvali.

Packed with Earth-loving people, the Dockside of the Evoliving Center sing and dance along with these five stars on this one-night concert dubbed as Green Freedom.

Philippines is just one of the 175 countries that celebrate Earth Day. Aiming to raise awareness among nations about the latest condition of our planet as its faces different challenges, this grand celebration usually takes place every 22nd of April.

This is just one of the many celebrations that we have here in the country. And to start this amazing concert, Kiss Jane opened the night with her upbeat OPM music that I personally like. She's such a sweetheart!

After some few minutes, Kyla, Zia, Juris, Jed and Christian filled the night with ASAP-ish numbers that made the crowd go wild. I really enjoyed each number, I must say, as well as their messages to everyone to take good care of our Mother Planet Earth.

This celebration is not just for the fun of having it, but rather a wake-up call to everyone to act now! Today is the time to plant more trees, to conserve water and energy, to build a brighter and healthier future for all mankind. We just have one home - Earth - and if we don't do something about the tragic losses that she's having, we're also killing ourselves.

Aside from the concert, eco-lovers also enjoyed the Green Market which was held at the Solenad 1 Activity Center. Eco-vendors gathered for an organic food and eco-product extravaganza to promote locally produced items, such as home decors, organic fresh-produce products and community made apparels. Visitors of the Green Market were also treated to an array of activities that gave them some amazing ideas on vertical gardening, bird watching lessons, boat making lessons using recycled tetra pack cartons and demos on healthy and organic cooking. 

The Green Freedom concert is capped with this scene showing kids with their art pieces depicting some ideas on how to save our planet.

As for me, my night at Nuvali ended in a face-to-face interview and chit-chatting with the five celebrities that made our night enchantingly lovely.

Thank you, Nuvali, for this another unforgettable experience at your truly paradise-like place!
Keep the evolution going!

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Happy Earth Day, everyone! We are the heroes of this planet, so let's save her! :-)

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