Condura: Tried and Tested!

It' summer time! And before everyone's head starts to fire up due to this very hot weather condition, let me share to your this latest innovation from the tried and tested air conditioning brand that I got to witness. Concepcion-Carrier introduces two air conditioner lines that are custom-built for extreme Philippines conditions, they are the Condura Extreme and the Condura Jr.

Held at the top level of W in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City, Concepcion-Carrier team brought other air conditioning units with them to prove the validity of their claim that Condura air conditioners are built to cool and built to last.

On this head-to-head showdown, Condura will prove its durability, endurance and adaptability through a series of testing that they will do right in front of us.

And among the tests that we saw that day, one that really stood up and left a marked on my mind, was this Durakote (pronounced as dura-coat) coating.

You see, I seldom see this green color thing on air conditioners, and it was just that day that I finally know what it is. According to the in-house head engineer of Condura, this Durakote is a substance that is exclusive to Condura. It is made to fight seawater, vehicle emissions and moisture, bacterial contamination and rust build-up caused by dirt on Condura air conditioning units. This Durakote coating is actually used on water vehicles to avoid rusting, so Concepcion-Carrier assures that you'll experience the maximum wonder of each of every unit of Condura air conditioner.

During the showdown, the engineer placed this acidic liquid on two different metal surface, one with Durakote and one without Durakote, and as a result, after some 30 minutes, the one without Durakote absorbed all of the acidic liquid leaving it in a burnt-like status. While the one with Durakote stayed the same and didn't absorbed any of that acidic liquid.

Aside from that Durakote, we were also wowed on how the casings of Condura air conditioners posses an efficient and earth-friendly features. And as expected, Condura appeared to be the best choice.

According to Mr. Raul Joseph Concepcion, CEO, Concepcion-Carrier Air Conditioning Company (CCAC), Condura Extreme is the only air conditioner in the market that uses Durakote coating on all five major parts. This ensures that Condura Extreme's durability even in the harshest conditions, including resorts, industrial plants near bodies of water and city structures that face constant pollution will last than expected.

Mr. Raul Joseph Concepcion
CEO, Concepcion-Carrier Air Conditioning Company (CCAC) 

While the Condura Jr. is the smaller version of this kind, which is pack with all of the brand's distinct features. Mr. Concepcion said that this one is more suited for bedrooms and any part of the house that needs effective cooling.

Mr. Rafael Concepcion Hechanova, Jr.
Vice President, Concepcion-Carrier Air Conditioning Company (CCAC)

Mr. Rafael Concepcion Hechanova, Jr., Vice President, Concepcion-Carrier Air Conditioning Company (CCAC) added that all of these units have a washable air filter, 12-hour timer, 2-speed cooling option and built with commercial high-grade plastic materials for better efficiency and long-lasting performance.

These Condura air conditioners features a patented energy savings plug and power-off timer that cuts down electricity costs by up to 40%. This is said to be perfect for those who wish to plug an electric fan to evenly spread the cool air brought by Condura air conditioners.

For those who are planning to buy one of these, Condura now gives a 5-year warranty on compressor and an additional 2-year warranty on all other parts. The Condura Extreme also comes with an added 5-year guarantee on system failure against rust on Durakote protected parts.

And before I  give my thanks to the whole Concepcion-Carrier team for this eye-opening, and truly proudly Pinoy-made products, let me share this trivia that I got to know that day. Did you know that the word CONDURA comes from the words CONCEPCION, the name behind this world-class air conditioning brand, and DURABLES, since these products are indeed durable? Condura is Concepcion Durables, nice! :-) Also, the Concepcions are Filipinos and these air conditioning units are manufactured here in the Philippines, so these innovations are 100% Pinoy! :-)

Thank you, Concepcion-Carrier for this refreshing information!
I know, a lot of us now will be more wise in choosing the right and best brand for our air conditioning units!

Happy summer, everyone!

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