Coca-Cola Philippines' Concert ng Bayan Highlight

Apart from the giant names that shared their talents on this very amazing Concert ng Bayan, Coca-Cola Philippines also prepared one spectacular presentation that made us all reminisce and feel the joy that Coca-Cola has brought to each and everyone of us over the 100th year of its existence.

It brought me goosebumps, really, and I'm just glad that I was there that night to see it an capture it for you guys! And I believe, if there's something that my fellow attendees could never forget, that would be this presentation.

But before I share to all of you that surprise, let me share to your first these clips that I took during the Concert ng Bayan. I just have a lot of videos and photos to share, so please kinda bear with me if you read another Concert ng Bayan related post. The concert was plainly crazy fun and I just can't get over it! Haha!

Sarah Geronimo, Gary Valenciano and Coca-Cola Philippines' newest endorser, Somedayream sung the latest Coke music that made us all jump for joy!

Here's the latest Coke song that you'll hear on radios and see on TV in the coming days. Enjoy!

As for the surprise, take a deep breath, and let this building projection take you back to the humble beginning of Coca-Cola. Right after this presentation, a grand fireworks also took place that wowed all of us. Enjoy!

Thank you, Coca-Cola for sharing us the best of both worlds! From the best local acts to the coolest foreign performer, indeed, this Concert ng Bayan is a must-beat concert here in the country! And I bet, they'll be having a hard time to top this one!

Happy, 100 years, Coke! I can't wait for your next surprise for us! :-)

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