A1, Blue and Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees on a night of Greatest Hits!

It's gonna be one crazy night tomorrow for all 90's music lovers as the pop bands A1, Blue and Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees come back to our country to give the hits that we all loved! It's The Greatest Hits night baby! And it's gonna be at the Smart-Araneta Coliseum!

Just this afternoon, I was one of the many lucky bloggers who were invited to attend the press conference of The Greatest Hits Tour at EDSA Shangri-la Hotel. And with my fellow bloggers and media personalities, who I believed are fans of these boys too, we waited eagerly to see them up-close and to talk them in person.

I'm a huge boy band lover, so this is really a treat to me. Seeing them again after years and years of not hearing anything much about them was kinda nostalgic. I'm just so glad that the members and the songs that I loved from them are still there. Their looks may be different now, but believe me when I say they are still cute and lovable! Hehe. And I love them all!!!

We got a chance to ask a lot of questions to them, and they are so willing to answer them all. There were some "ho-hum" moments, but with the clicks of our cameras filled all those blank spots. We just can't get hold of our selves especially when their cute smiles appear. :-)

A1, which is consisted of Mark, Christian and Ben, were all so game and very accommodating to our questions.  They are also here to promote their latest and comeback album Waiting for Daylight. I heard its good, so go and get your copy now! :-)

Blue, which is consisted of Duncan, Lee, Simon and Anthony, joined the fun and made the whole event very light and cool.

And as for Jeff Timmons of 98 Drgrees, well, he said, since he is all alone here, there'll be a Filipino band who will accompany him on their tomorrow night's concert. And that Filipino band is none other South Border.  Ain't that exciting?

I got a clip here of what happened earlier. The boys rendered some "sample" as what can we expect tomorrow night. Enjoy!

MCA Music also generously hosted a separate and more intimate talk with A1, and if we could just spend the whole talking to them, we won't mind. But of course, they have a tight schedule promoting this concert, so we let them go. Haha! 

Lucky me, I had some shot with two of the boys! Wee! Happiness!

I know you can't  control yourself now. You wanna let that boy-band scream out! Reserve that tomorrow night! Haha!

If you wanna catch these boys and the rest of their surprise, you call get tickets at TicketNet Box Office at (02) 911-5555 or at Wilbros Live at (02) 374-2222.

More pictures of the press conference here.

Let the boy band fever heat up our weekend!
See you all there! :-)


Elmer Domingo said...

I love their music! It's among my most played songs in my iTunes :)

Teacher Shane said...

Hi po. May photos ka po ba ng a1 with their fans after their last press con? :)

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

Hi, Teacher Shane!

The rest of photos are here - http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.310213169026549.61663.200862849961582&type=1